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Lmao. Customer service was rude at Hobby Lobby, so my petty self did what I do best.... be petty. ???‍♀️ I probably can’t go back to that Hobby Lobby. I can’t be trusted with letters. ????‍♀️??‍♀️ My mom helped me and is also responsible for taking this photo, and said she was proud. ✊?? This was taken at the Avon, Indiana Hobby Lobby

HippieChick58 9 Jan 6

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Well done!


I've not been in Hobby Lobby for 7-8 years, probably. No plans to return!




Brilliant!! However, as a nonbeliever and a total buster on Hobby Lobby and their stances against women's rights...I wouldn't have been caught dead in there anyway.


Good one


MUAHHAAHA!! I'm so damn offended! No wait.. that feeling is absolute delight. Sometimes i get them mixed up LOL


I won't go to a hobby lobby. But if you must go, this is the kind of thing one must accomplish.


And who gives permission for others to post this on FB? I would love to do so.

I stole it, it had been posted and reposted on FB. I believe it comes down to when you post on FB you give implied consent for the image to end up where you never expected it to be.

@HippieChick58 I kinda figured that, but thought I would ask.


I stopped going to HL when they prevented their employees from getting birth control. I broke my vow never to go back and, yes, went back. As I was standing in line with a garden ornament, the cashier said to a man wearing a MAGA hat, "I just love your hat! I'm going to get one." This prompted him to go into a tirade about how great Trump is.

I leaned the garden ornament against the wall and left. Several people looked at me quizzically, but no one asked why I was leaving.

I won't be going back.

Oh, and love the sign!

@Byrdsfan Their trinkets and even the garden ornament--which I really wanted--was just not worth it.

I have been to HL once since the birth control decision. I was there with my adult daughter, we were looking for something specific, and we were both really relieved when we didn't find it. I highly doubt that I ever go back to HL. I will not support a company like that.

@HippieChick58 That's what we get for going against our principles!

@Byrdsfan That would have done it for me, too.


I love it!! Go girl!!


It might be worth being band from that place.


I still say I'd rather do that with someone I at least like!

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