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9 out of 10 UK electric vehicle owners don't want to go back to gas or diesel vehicles.

By kmdskit38
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I just don't see, logically, how it could provide enough horsepower to replace my Ram 1500. That being said my company car (Toyota yaris and no the irony is not lost on me lol) could be an electric and it wouldn't bother me outside of the fact that I cover a 10k mile area lol

Electric motors are unbelievably torquey. I'm a mechanic for the Twin Cities bus company and when we got our first hybrids over 10 yrs. ago we had to reduce the electric motors power 3x's because we were throwing passengers all around the inside of our buses. Beating out cars at stop lights too. The issue for electric vehicles isn't power it's range and charging.

@kmdskit3 yeah range is an issue too since my city is in the middle of nowhere lol


I'd love to have electric!

Agreed. Would love to see the prices come down, as well.

Nikola Tesla would roll over in his grave IF he could~

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