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Something needs to be done about all those illegals!!!

Americans top the list of illegal foreign workers caught by Canadian Border Security Agency


91.2% of All Americans Who Live in Mexico Are Living There Illegally


Canada and Mexico should demand that the USA pay for a wall.

John_Tyrrell 7 Jan 8

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The population of the USA is growing only because of immigration. We would have fewer doctors, engineers, nurses were it not for our immigrants. Also no one to pick our produce, mow your lawn or clean hotel toilets at the Trump properties.

Absolutely right. Americans only birth about 1.7 children per couple, 2.4 is needed to sustain the workforce, so immigration, even illegal, is a net positive. Europe wishes they had our "problem", most their immigration is Muslim causing a great deal of integration problems, most of our immigration is Christian so they assimilate easier. Funny I should mention this in an atheist blog.


The vast majority of visa overstayers in Australia are POM's and yanks. Funny how they don't end up on Nauru.


This one for a start.....

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