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For all my northern friends. January in ND sucks. I get to the point that I pretend to question whether warm places actually exist.

Lilie 6 Jan 9

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50 degrees in Raleigh NC. Cmon down

Tomorrow will be VERY cold!!! I wish I could be at 50 but I’m afraid -50 is closer to reality.


In Ottawa,On we have two seasons Winter and Construction, lol

Same here!!

@Lilie O.K N.D. I got stuck there in winter and we had full of army kit for a drive across U.S. and we put up a tent and served coffee to stranded motorists when they closed the highway.Showing CDN flag (under U.S. flag) We spent 20 hrs on the side of the highway. Thats more snow than here.


Nice to see you on the site again.

Thank you!!

@Lilie Didn't you win an election? How's the new job?

@kmdskit3 I lost. But I’m opening my practice and that is way better!

@Lilie Cool! You had some drama at home? Has it resolved?


Know how I could tell it was spring in NH? I had a lot of German shepherds and I knew spring arrived when the tennis balls began to show thru the snow and the dogs would try pulling them out.

Ah, now I know why the tennis balls disappeared from the tennis court


Just so you're aware I live in FL and I'm moving to TN mts to avoid the freaking humidity. The weather guy said (in OCTOBER NO LESS) the humidity will be 100%. It was NOT raining so WTF was that all about? You walk outside and are covered in sweat in 2-3 seconds that's what it means. I can't take it anymore having come from NH but won't go back there AT ALL EVER. They say it snows in NC and TN but totally incomparable to NH. Snow over my head. Granted I'm only 5'1" still that's a lot of snow.,

Yes I sweated for months when I moved to Charleston September 2005 flowers bloom all year and I never needed a sweater always wore flips, shorts & tank tops but it must be hell to wear a bra all sweaty rushing from ac cars to ac places. ...Hills of Appalachia are fine and friendly until they find out you don't go to any place of WARship

When it snows in NH they are ready for it with snow plows. When it snows in TN they may not be as ready, so be prepared to be snowed in for a while. Good luck with your move!


Not to be a wise guy.....why not move? You only get one life.

I ask myself that question every day. Once my son turns 18. But considering the 3 years of bs I had to put up with by moving 50 minutes away I better hold off.


Personally I'd rather be in Fargo in January than Orlando in August.

The age old debate. I’ve never been in FL in January or July.

@Lilie A workmate of mine took a job in Orlando, and after a year his wife and kids moved back to the Northeast and he followed later after getting his old job back. They couldn't take the heat/humidity one-two punch. I've never lived in Florida, but 30 years ago I turned down a job there for climate reasons. I did live in Minneapolis for 5 years, and -31 in January didn't bother me. Fargo is also OK (I've been there on business) , but I've read that when Bismarck gets to -40, and with the wind blowing, daily living can be a bit difficult.


I have been to ND in the summer. I thought it sucked then too. 🙂


For me this would be upchucked cat food. On the patio, but it's almost gone now.

Frozen puke birds peck up soft icy clumps per beakfull


I just heard on radio people want Congress to merge the 2 Dakotas into one strange name STATE

I heard that too! I’m not so worried about the name as I am about whether my law license would still be good.

@Lilie yeah, like will the only STATE OWNED BANK of ND become half the property of SD ???? WILL courts allow an omnibus merger bill be fully transformative statute by statute, case law by case law....most people have not been informed by fake news or real news ESPECIALLY OFFICIAL REPORTS of the South Carolina Courts 2012 "elections" were a 99% sham ONLY 2 incumbents were defeated ALL CHALLENGERS ALL 178 of us blues and red were kicked off ballots by an incomplete election law reform bill....specifically a change from snail mail to electronic filing eligibility of candidacy forms ONLY ADDED THE ELECTRONIC PART never repealed the snail mail part....only incumbents knew the secret dozens of lawyers were kicked off ballots who did not search legislative history on this SNAFU....we have fusion here so I ran only on the Green Party ballot line ....if you give a shit about democracy in 48 or 49 states me because it does not exist in 50 states 843 926 1750 Larry Carter Center House District 114 illegally defeated by criminal theocratic Speaker Bobby Harrell Junior now a convicted felon for stuffing airplane fuel fake receipts in his pocket billing his campaign for flights he never took


In nw California it always stays above freezing during the day.


ND is not exactly a prime spot, too cold.


Love that photo !

Oh thank you!! I took it last year in April to express my disgust at yet another blizzard.

Well, i hope you are toasty warm now ! 🙂

@Buddha I was until my hot water heater started leaking ? Only 4 more months until ND spring (which seems to come around May 10 for 3 weeks until summer).

@Lilie oh no, i had to replace mine 2 months ago,
Those suckers are expensive now..


If I have to choose between winters and hurricanes, I'll pick winters anytime.

I agree!

After growing up in Winnipeg and now living in Houston.. couldn’t agree more!


Yeah, I know how you feel. Although Michigan has had it pretty easy so far this year.

I clerked in MI for a year! I remember looking forward to having a milder winter. It still got cold though.

@Lilie what part of Michigan did you live?

@ScubaWags Bay City. I clerked for a federal judge there. I really liked it but it was hard to be away from my kids.

@Lilie Bay City is a beautiful area. So what does a clerk for a federal judge do?

Shoot me. A message if you ever feel like chatting.

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