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??‍♀️ I can’t with these people

Essie 6 Jan 10

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I once had someone tell me that Jesus used the King James Version of the Old Testament to study and preach from. ?


Sweaty makes it perfect.


& they are just SO convinced!

That is just so wrong on so many levels, it boggles the mind!


According to the Morons (oops, Mormons), Jesus visited the Americans after his resurrection! LOL.


George Washington was put on the dollar bill 1776 with in Jesua Nasoret WE TRUST RIGHT THERE TO PROVE WE ARE ALL xians including the liars jews


I'm not sure if I should laugh, or cry.

Or be very afraid.


Sounds like a typical hard core tRump supporter.


Sweaty!? ???


Oh, FFS!!!!!

The whole thing is absurd, but I'm particularly tickled by the "greatest American who ever lived, Jesus", part.

At least now we know what he was doing for that 30 years he "disappeared".
Fucker was walking to, and then back, from the US.

There is a book -"He walked the Americas"

@starwatcher-al Just as reliable as the bible, I'm sure.

@KKGator of course, read it years ago, it does explain where he was for 20 years. Preaching and stopping wars in the western

@KKGator Just checked, it is available on Amazon if you want "the real" story.

@icolan Sea turtles, mate!!!

Even with his remarkable ability to walk on water, it's a slow trip for 3,000 miles and with dodging hurricanes ya never know how long it took. KK, ya think he rode the backs of the turtles? Now that would have been a bit less stressful.

@starwatcher-al He could have hitched a ride with a whale. Maybe that's where Jonah got the idea from?

@KKGator Ah, yes, now it's all coming together. lets keep going, maybe we are figuring this all out.


The Donald Trump style of revisionism. LOL

4 ?


"It's called history sweaty" oh dear....


My favorite is the church lady who was against newer versions of the Bible saying, "If the King James version was good enough for Jesus, it is good enough for me."

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