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I hate these people more every damned day.

Vandals were driving into Joshua Tree National park, driving into unpaved areas, and cutting down trees that are over a thousand years old.

You know who this is.

This is trumpsers that hate everything about people that want to protect the environment.

They are corrupt to the core.

I hope if they identify any of these worthless skin sacs we can send them to prison for a long time.


BufftonBeotch 8 Jan 10

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I know I am probably lumping folks into a basket without proof but only from personal experience the most religious folks I know are also the most anti-environmental ones I know. In fact I don't personally know one who in anyway values the natural world. They are also all MAGA people.

gearl Level 7 Jan 10, 2019

Of course they don't care about the planet, they're gonna get raptured out of here and leave us heathens to clean up the mess. The sooner they go the better.

@starwatcher-al I agree but for some odd reason it just doesn't happen.


Yes TRUMPolini is creating more problems setting loose the Rush LimpBOSS liars against climate change everywhere


Ignorant rednecks or whatever the equivalency there is.

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