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Well, I started taking Chantix today. I've quit so many times before, once for several years, but I just can't stay away. After watching my brother, a dedicated smoker since early teenagerhood, die of COPD, I decided it was time to try another way. It helped him to quit smoking, but it was much too late by then. I figure if he can do it, so can I.

By tnorman12369
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Check the side effects.

ToolGuy Level 8 Jan 17, 2019

Yeah, I talked to my doctor about it.


I quit over 25 years ago. I just decided that those damn sticks were not going to run my life. I stayed away from the cigarette counters, coffee shops, discarded all ash trays in the house, & didn't go around smokers.

Good for you. Avoiding smokers has been a problem for me.

@tnorman1236 Since I am pretty much a loner, it wasn't difficult, & the family didn't smoke or had quit as well.


It is so worth quitting - whatever finally works for you.

Hang in there - yell for memes if you need them - or for distraction. smile009.gif

I remember it sucked - but I wanted to be done with them - more than I wanted to smoke that last time too.

And I'm watching another friend re diagnosed with lung cancer - and I am not looking forward to the ride. It's no fun for anyone. So if you can quit? Do it.

RavenCT Level 9 Jan 16, 2019

Thanks. I hope it works this time.

@tnorman1236 i was really angry with the tobacco industry and with cancer when I quit. That's where I finally found motivation.


Good luck to you. This is a struggle worth fighting for!


We all have moment of weakness in our lives. Things happen and we need something to makes us feel better. I commend you for having another go, don't be too hard on yourself, you are only human. Good luck.

Jolanta Level 8 Jan 15, 2019



You totally can. Nothing great is easy

Ps. Chantix does its job of turning off nicotine receptors so as long as you take the meds correctly you will have broken the physical addiction so you only have to worry about the psychological addiction. It helped me knowing how it worked


I truly hope you will succeed this time. Good Luck!!


@tnorman1236 My Richard did the Chantix and it worked for him. He was a 50 year smoker, started at 13. It was one of the best things he did for himself according to him. I wish he was still here to give you support and encouragement.


Good luck...I hope it works for you! At age 63, you've probably been smoking at least 40 years.....that's really rough on health. smile003.gif

Yeah, it's been a long time. Thank you.


Seriously do it and don’t give up on it until you are just sick from your first or second drag.
I smoked for nearly 20 years and I did EVERYTHING to quit but once I started on Chantix it roughly 3 weeks i quit but I haven’t smoked since 2006.

So do it seriously fucking works and I’m behind anybody who wants to quit poisoning themselves. ??????????

48thRonin Level 8 Jan 15, 2019

I hope it works for you!



You can do it! Statistically, the more times you try to quit the more likely you are to succeed. It took me a long time to quit (stops/starts/methods) and there was a time when I thought it would be impossible, but eventually I did quit and you will too.

LizBeth Level 6 Jan 15, 2019

I quit for 3 years and went back to smoking but quit again 11 years ago. I did use chantix for a couple of weeks

Lucy_Fehr Level 7 Jan 15, 2019

Watch your mood, you'll be fine though.

Amisja Level 8 Jan 15, 2019

You can do it!!


That's great! Good luck!
I'm coming up on 7 months.

KKGator Level 9 Jan 15, 2019



Good luck. I quit with nicotine gum. Was on that stuff for two years before I titrated off and slowly replaced with regular gum.

Rudy1962 Level 9 Jan 15, 2019

I did the nicotine gum too, and got addicted to it. It didn't keep me from taking up smoking again, though.


Good for you. I know someone going through lung cancer right now due to smoking. You can do it!

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