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Watching, That 70's show. I relate more to the parents now than the kids.

I've changed. ?

Gyanez 6 Jan 19

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Feeling that way about more and more shows these days!


I love that show. I was that age during that time so I can relate to a lot of it.

Same with me as well.


i love the episode where the parents accidently eat a batch of pot brownies

That is by far my favorite episode.

@TristanNuvo i watched it while smoking a joint with my dad


Watching it now, I realize how sexist it is. Of course, that does reflect the times.


Kitty is my hero. ♥

Mine too. I thought she was easily the funniest character on the show.


Red was always my hero. I was like 12 in the 70s anyway.


Ahhh...the journey of life. Don't despair. When you get to my age you tend to gravitate back to the kids outlook! ???

@MissKathleen I actually only watched it a couple of times but I was relating more to the ideas of kids (in general) than I do my own piers. The older I get the younger my response to life becomes. ✌️

@MissKathleen In my opinion, I think that is a positve! 🙂

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