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Mark Twain knew it well


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That's for sure.


And #45 is overflowing

Well, many disagree with you.

@DUCHESSA of course! We'er human. Everyone will disagree somewhere. I don't give a good gosh darn damn, I loathe 45 and am proud to admit to that. I know there are many here on that feel the same way. I have loathed Der Drumpf long before now, I loathed him when he was a tycoon playboy, and the loathing got even deeper when he was a "reality TV" personality. He's a rich, pampered, spoiled petulant playboy who cares for no one but himself and does not have any discernable talent or intelligence. I think his followers are fools and tools. Any questions?

@HippieChick58 Trump’s like a breath of fresh air after that lunatic Obama!!!

@HippieChick58 You have the right to loathe even your own image...but I have the feeling you don't loathe but envy DT. Enjoy good health. Bye.


Not to mention, they stink.


I agree and wish we had term limits at the federal level like they do at the state level here in Oklahoma.

@DarrelScott That might be doable as a lot of people are disgusted with these old politicians.

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