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When someone writes no drug users do they include cannabis use also? If so...why? Cannabis is good medicine and it aligns all your bodily functions.

Captnron59 9 Feb 22

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To be honest, someone who said something like "no drug users" has just told me that they're not likely to be someone I'm going to be particularly interested in spending too much time around.

Not specifically because of the cannabis thing, but because that sort of judgementalism is going to have its tentacles throughout their thinking.


I always chuckle when I read that..almost seems like a religious person's rigid opinion. I suppose if someone complains about pot use because of the smoke, just use cannabis oil or edibles instead of smoke, and don't get trashed.


Cannabis doesn’t “align all your body functions”. A statement like that is the reason that people have such disclaimers about not dating drug users...It is their junkie mentality, not their choice of medicine. If you don’t seem high all the time, I think that even mentioning it in your profile is setting yourself up for judgement. For example, I didn’t feel the need to disclose that I take psyllium powder so that I can poop once a day. It’s just my medicine after all. So in conclusion, take your medicine without forming some kind of cult worship around it and maybe women won’t give a shit.


Wow. Lotta woo on this thread. Have fun, kids.


Lots of people have been indoctrinated much like a religion to fear us . . If we ever get off the couch they had better smarten up !


I think alcohol should be illegal and pot legal. I quit drinking 6 years ago but smoke a little every now and then.

the people will have what they wish PERIOD


There you go


Its a great sleep - aid

gater Level 7 Feb 22, 2018

As a health provider, I agree, and often “suggest” (wink wink) that patients with certain illnesses try “herbal remedies”. I would be so glad to see cannabis legalized everywhere. I think abusers will always find something to abuse.


I where morphine patches that help with pain from my doctor. what about that?

well, i know but what do I do?

I am unlucky as weed gives me paranoia big time. thanks anyway.


I say no drugs,
I include cannabis but would make an exception for medicinal
I don't date smokers or heavy drinkers or people who are on strong medications that alter moods.

It is a personal choice not a judgement, many friends smoke dope , but not when they visit me.

@Captnron59 but dope is cannabis. I lived in the cannabis capital of OZ for quite a few years, still live very close to it. Around here it is used in possibly 1 in three homes, maybe more. For 30 years friends of mine have claimed their use is medicinal. And yes it does work, for such a long time drop were used to treat glaucoma, I have no idea why that was stopped. Well I know why, but disagree with it being stopped.


You'd have to ask them. Opinions vary greatly.

We've had just a few here who have proposed weed is a dangerous drug and they have mostly been summarily laughed off the site.

It's hard to be sure but I tend to think some were pharmaceutical or alcohol industry lobbyist trolls.

@Fanburger if you only had a brain [ wizard of oz]

@Fanburger just as "Reefer Madness" was supposed to be a scientifically supported "drama-mentary". I'll go with the research my and several other states have found sufficient to legalize both medicinal and recreational use.

I definitely will NOT agree with the research of pharmaceutical companies, who continue to profit from our national opioid addiction crisis, with supporting "evidence" it isn't a "problem".

@Fanburger be that as it may, I'm certain this is an extreme case. Overdoing anything can result in damage...such as exercising, eating and even breathing.

Likewise, there are several studies that show the benefits of alcohol in moderation.

I have no need for further "research" in that anyone can find studies to support their position, a fact of which you seem to be in denial.

@Fanburger I'm not going to argue with you or any self proclaimed "experts" on this site. There are far too many of you who all...ALL amount to nothing more than a tremendous waste of time.

@SassyLady meet Fanburger, a local troll and flamer...but if you wanted to know, you did already.


While cannabis does seem to have some beneficial properties and is arguably a lot less destructive than alcohol,there are still a few problems with it. If you have kids, having cannabis or paraphernalia in your house can be cause for CPS to remove those kids from your care. People using Cannabis are in danger of running afoul of the law themselves. Not ideal in a mate,really.Cannabis also has effects on ones mental state when used consistently. I know plenty of potheads who are nice enough people but I wouldn't want to date them . The word "dopey" comes to mind.

Agreed ONLY in areas where pot is illegal.

Where it is your points are invalid and would point to a person with some bias against users.

I know plenty of "dopey" people who don't smoke and I prefer to label such people as "easy going"...even "nonjudgemental".

@DangerDave lol. If you can't be picky about who you date what CAN you be picky about? I'm OK with remaining single. I like what I like and dislike what I dislike and I refuse to settle.

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