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Video which breaks down the situation in Venezuela in detail, in case you are interested:

ejbman 7 Jan 29

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I don't understand the part about Guaido becoming interim president.
Who asked him to?
Is there a legitimate political mechanism to make somebody the interim president and how is it decided who becomes that person?
Do you need an interim president if a president has been voted in?
Are you justified in having an interim president if you feel the vote was rigged?
What the heck is the UK doing giving Venezuelan money to Guaido?

Basically, Guaido just named himself interim president, because he's a leader of the opposition to the dictator. He's installed himself long enough to ensure free and fair elections. The international community is backing him, as well as many internal factions, because everybody wants the dictator gone.

A little more detail from Al Jazeera: []


Absolute propaganda.
No mention of the 20 years of pressure through sanctions since Chaves nationalised the oil industry. The freezing of assets to break the Venezuelan govt economically.
A Gaul to talk about corrupt government in Venezuela when they recognise an unelected leader and steal over a billion in gold, which is a point. Who knows where Libya's gold ended up?
Funny as Bolton and Pence call for the Venezuelan military to hold a coup to support the "appointed" president, and the military flips them the bird.

Not propaganda at all. Talk to actual Venezuelans. I have.

@ejbman when only one side is presented, it's propaganda.

@powder That is a common fallacy.

@ejbman you have to wonder when a national is sitting in a foreign country and calling for that foreign country to intervene militarily in her country......where do her loyalties really lie?

@powder If you were sitting in another country because your country had been hijacked by a dictator (note that 10% of the Venezuelan population has left the country so far), what would you do? I'd be doing the same as her.

@ejbman glad to know you would barrack for a foreign army shooting and killing your military defending their/ your land from the foreign army. I couldn't do it. Hope she has no family in the military.
The US could easily lift sanctions if it really wanted to help.
Oil, the biggest prize in the world is Venezuela, the largest known reserves. The Venezuelan army is standing by the election results, the president. The thing about democracy, you may not like the result but you suck it up and don't start having military coups. American's, of all people, should understand this. If not, where's the coup against Trump?

@powder I would not shoot and kill anyone because I'm not a murderous gun nut, but if that's your bag, well, that's just sad. But more to the point, if I was asking an overwhelming foreign power's military to step in, it would be with the expectation that my home country's military would see sense and back down from a fight it could never win. But hey, I'm no military strategist, I would leave that up to people who know these things and not expect it to be resolved on an internet forum.

As far as lifting oil sanctions, that would be stupid. We would just be funneling more money and power into the pocket of the dictator who currently controls the oil. Duh.

The military may be standing by the election results, but those results were completely rigged. The only reason the military is standing by the results is that the corrupt military leadership has been bought and paid for by the corrupt dictator. No need to accept that. I wouldn't.

As far as the Trump presidency, that will hopefully be invalidated soon enough, since it is now known to have been rigged by the Russians playing Trump like a fiddle. No need to have a coup to kick that fool Trump out and put him behind bars where he belongs - unless he tries to resist legal process. Then we might be in the same position as Venezuela. Any actual U.S. patriot would be happy to do whatever it takes to undermine an attempted dictator, unless they are a traitor too.

@ejbman my original comment said propaganda, one sided. Please view this video.
I am a great believer in natural justice; hearing all sides before passing judgement.
The situation in Venezuela is not good, but any intervention will be worse IMO.

@powder You won't see me arguing in favor of military solutions as such. I'm not sure the presenter in the main video I posted is necessarily doing so either, primarily. She, like most people who have woken up to the miserable actions of the dictator, just want him gone by any means necessary. There is nothing propagandistic about that. Are you saying there is a side in which the dictator is just fine? That's clearly not true.

But if military action truly were warranted, consider that we went over and ousted Hitler from Germany in the 1930s. Why would it be different if we did this again in Venezuela?

@ejbman no, it's a mess. It's going to be another Cuba. If the US military go in as Trump describes........and the Pentagon would back him, the scary thing is it's by no way fantasy the way the rhetoric is going

@powder Well, I certainly don't trust Trump to do anything right, so I guess in a way we're in agreement. I think there is a way it could be done right, but not by Trump.


Media will tell you which "side of the story" THEY want you to believe.
(I didn't watch it)
Haven't you folks learned ANYTHING from our fiasco "election"?
Reports are written with that agenda in mind.


Good to hear this since it looks like the U.S. is getting involved...

Well... only insofar as we belong to an international coalition that is putting pressure in some places and confirming legitimacy in others, but yeah.

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