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This to all too true

LibrePenseur 7 Jan 29

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So atheism is for the elite of the strong and courageous.
What about the masses of the weak and fearful? Are the allowed to use a crutch?
And if the answer is Yes: why are they ridiculed when they use this crutch?


Being an old atheist is not for sissies.




We're tough, dude!


Yes but if you really try to live to Christian standards and perform the duties, your life will be a hell on earth. It's a responsible job and definitely not easy.


I've come to the conclusion that for a lot of people believing in god is just lazy. You don't have to think, you don't have to find purpose and you can blame everything on something else or god's big plan (as if!)

and regardless of how heinous the acts one performs a simple "forgive me jebus" is all it takes to be absolved, fresh and clean.

@jlynn37 It's mind numbing and quite often disgusting what they think confession and few Hail Marys will do

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