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Musical memories that bring a time and place back as clear as being there! And then others that simply take you away.

BeeHappy 9 Jan 30

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Yeah, that's music all right.


that seems to be very true.


This is the best thing about karaoke!


Songs you remember, from times you forgot!



Very true


Indeed. Music does all of this and more.


[] has some of the most innovative drones and ambient music I've experienced.

Thanks for the link. I'm going to get a lot of usage out of this.

Someone here posted this link a while back. I haven't subscribed but the free tracks are interested.


Only sometimes, other times it is a case of "where, when and why do I remember this and what's its bloody title and I'm sure it was someone else sang it, why is my memory not working" sort of moment.

Yeah, it's on the tip of my bloody tongue, they were fronted by whatshisface, the guy with the funny hair. He ended up married to that actress/going into politics/dead of an OD/all of the above.


..And then the mad rush to the phone or computer to google the crap out of it until you find the answers. ?

@Bierbasstard forgot that!

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