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What's everyone doing with all this cold? I'm getting cabin fever. Besides working I'm staying inside. Winter is the worst!

By Jama7657
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Staying as social as I can without losing my mind from overstimulation. (I've a big family xD)

Daemon Level 3 Feb 4, 2019

Life as usual here in my part of Oregon! It was cold and windy, but to me cold is the 30's smile019.gif, but we aren't being hit with the arctic cold, nor snow. I spoke with someone who said it was snowing in Seattle, but so far the Portland, Oregon area is snow-free!

Rustee Level 7 Feb 4, 2019

Summer here in Australia went the beach today ahhhh 35deg C or about 95 f


I operate an animal sanctuary, so everyday I'm outside for hours at a time. I wish my life away waiting for spring. When I'm inside I dream of cycling trips to Florida or the desert southwest. Some days though are absolutely magical. Early mornings after a snow the woods can be breathtaking. And clear winter nights can be a stargazing dream.

But mostly I wait for spring!!


Its baby making weather! 'Cept, without any babies made by me. []


Pretty much just dealing with it, and getting by day after day. Maybe you should look towards getting a Virtual Reality headset, and walk around in your house seeing a beach island resort. I suppose a real vacation would be doable as well if you could afford it.

Vintenar Level 5 Feb 1, 2019

Board Games with friends. Best days ever.

Lucky you!


It's threads like these that make me grateful that I live on the west coast. So far we've had 1 day of snow that was gone by the next.

Skepsis Level 5 Jan 31, 2019

Just doing what I normally do. Work, visit friends, etc. Had to give up my morning walk though. I miss that!


Wine. Baking exotic breads.... several projects going on in my workshop.... wine. Numerous series dvds to enjoy.... wine.....
Did I mention wine?

Did you mention wine? Lol

Hey, @bigpawbullets, why don’t you have a little wine?


Its going to hit -30°C on saturday here..
Even for us canadians that damn cold..

hippydog Level 8 Jan 30, 2019


It sucks!


I spent only a few weeks in a NE winter back in the 1980's and that was enough for me to know with precise accuracy that I did not ever want to do it again. I don't know how people do it year after year after year. I takes a much hardier person than me I guess. ?

We grow 'em salty up here in the northeast =)

Yes, I'm ready to move somewhere tropical!

@maturin1919 I'd say so ?

@maturin1919, @Jama765 I would be too! ☀️??


Taping down my nipples.

I'll try that tomorrow! Sounds fun!

@Jama765 The removal process is not fun... unless you're into that sort of thing.

@maturin1919 a little pain is never bad!

@Jama765 I bet you have much less hair around your nipples than I do. It'll probably go better for you.


-29 this morning so I spent a half hour shoveling the side walk. Then installed track lighting at friends house, then worked in my unheated garage building tools for science experiments. Nice having the day off as school was closed.

It was -26° here today. But you sure kept busy!


Generally, HERE, winter is best! 73 F (23 C) today. Unfortunately, I have the flu.

I hope you feel better soon!

@Jama765 thank you.


I'm enjoying sunny skies and temps in the 60s. But Winter is the worst. smile009.gif



You haven't seen anywhere near the worst yet, if we are lucky this is the eve of a mini ice age, if not so lucky the dawn of an extinction event.


I will sketch, or stitch, or read. Yesterday was sketching, today I worked on a gold work embroidery piece I'm trying to finish. Watching lots of movies.

linxminx Level 7 Jan 30, 2019

I've always wanted to learn how to knit. I guess winter is the time to do it.


Coffee!!! Lots and lots of coffee??

Matty315 Level 5 Jan 30, 2019

I love coffee!


Rye whiskey this eve !

Buddha Level 7 Jan 30, 2019
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