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Thought this was funny.? It's true, though.?

By SleeplessInTexas8
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Yup thank you blindness.

Daemon Level 3 Feb 4, 2019

Unless they were provided by the manufacturer, LED headlights are usually illegal. In order to be legal the configuration (light bulb/emitter and the reflectors and the lense) has to be certified by the U.S. DOT, other countries and territories have their own certification authorities. Here's a good explanation why: []


I think they should only be used in rural areas where they're almost no street lights.


Completely agree. Their low beams are brighter than my high beams and dangerous!

Coco Level 3 Feb 1, 2019

Hello dear I am living in India


Pretty much the truth of it


But so true...

Buddha Level 7 Jan 31, 2019

Living in Clayton, GA some roads do not have any street lights so on occasion I will use my high beams but immediately switch them to low beams when on coming traffic comes but when I lived in Miami it seemed everyone, I'm exaggerating more like 60-70 percent, seemed to have LED headlights.

ajr715 Level 6 Jan 31, 2019

Plus, you are almost certainly going to get pulled over if you don't dip your highbeams when a cop sees you at night; the reason being is that is one of their "tells" for drunk drivers.



arttrust Level 6 Jan 31, 2019

Yes, hate them.


Luckily there's not a lot of traffic here so that's less of a problem for me than those that constantly drive with their fog lights on. In parts of Europe that is illegal unless there is fog. Here, the biggest problem are deer in the road (they bring lots of business to auto body repair shops). Mostly it's dusk and dawn issues but there are still some at night and people drive with their brights and sometimes forget to dim them when meeting another car.


That and on many new cars they automatically detect on coming vehicles to dip the full beam, trouble being it doesn’t react straight away


When I was 16-17 I had a 1969 Jeep CJ5. I lived in the suburbs/rural area, where most streets didn't have streetlights. I got so sick of assholes with zenon bulbs who refused to dim their headlights that I bought and mounted as many hunting lights, fog lights, and light bars as I could on the front. I even mounted an extra battery. Then, if someone refused to dim their bulbs I would flick them on for just a second, but it was enough to give them a sunburn. smile001.gif


Like many things in life... It's all about aiming! ?


If he was driving an American car he would be sitting on the left side and it wouldn't be a problem. ?


Sunglasses with amber lenses filter out the wavelength of the LED lights.

I think there is a song about that ?


i remember when the brightest lights were fog lights and they went under the bumper.

Yep. And certain "off-road" lights either on a roof rack or bumper mount had to be covered with a light-proof fabric cover when you were driving anywhere besides off-road.


Are they not standard equipment on newer cars?

i have 2018, and i don't have blinding headlights. i also have different settings for rural driving with few or no street lights. i don't think it's standard.


Seriously! These are such a hazard. I've been wondering for years why these are legal. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

resserts Level 8 Jan 31, 2019
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