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I'd like to speak here and RL, hoping to find friendships (and more?)
It's never simple to meet like minded people, so please read my profile before messaging.
Altho' I'm not religious, I find truth and calmness in Zen type thoughts. (NOT a religion, btw.)
Kindness and honesty matter, as do one's own strength and desire to continue growth.
Disclaimer, I'm not wealthy, nor am I a ticket for a green card, nor a easy mark for unkind persons.

njoy_life_2 7 Feb 22

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I like you already.

Appealing to my vanity, huh?
Works every time, lol!
(Teasing) ty so much!

@njoy_life_2 I specifically liked this part of your introduction..."nor an easy mark for unkind persons."

@Donotbelieve ... I think it might have been unnecessary, cause everyone's been kind, but heck, doesn't hurt to let people know you're willing and able to take up for yourself.
I'm glad to meet you!


Sometimes it's good to meet new people

It certainly is, Zayn Ty good morning!

@njoy_life_2 good morning to you how are you doing

@Zayn412 warm morning, spring's around the corner! But I'm still sleepy...

@njoy_life_2 same same spring will be a blessing because I'm tired of the cold, I'm sure you are too haha


I've dabbled at finding answers, but have found none as far as the Big Picture. "42," according to Douglas Adams. Truth I usually find with the cynics. Calm I get from the sound and touch of the wind, grass and night sounds. Science and the scientific method guides me. History interests me. People confound me at times. Like Albert Schweitzer, I find cats and music are two refuges from the miseries of life. And like Jerry Jeff Walker sang it, "Gettin' by on gettin' by's my stock and trade."

"42", lol. Ty, I've enjoyed reading other's comments here. One wonderful aspect is that people actually are thinking and kind.
Good morning!


Relax. I don't need money for a ticket or visa and I'm sure most others don't also. Ommmm...... 🙂

Lol, I think I was being overly cautious. Ty for your comment.


It's all good @njoy_life_2 but please read my profile too

Ty Leigh, shall!
Good morning!

good morning, how are you?


I prefer Vulcanisim to zen Buddhism for it is much more logical. Salutations and greetings this great mindful site.

Ty so much.
I'm finding this site refreshing so far

"Vulcanism" love it


Although we have certain similarities, we are a fairly eclectic group. Don't be afraid to post or reply. We like to share insights and opinions.

Eclecticism is grand and welcomed, tioteo, ty.


Welcome. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I already am!
Lol ty for your kind welcome.

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