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Do the Math

HippieChick58 9 Feb 22

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He is on facebook today just, doting, somebody pinch me is this the real president of America


The math is definitely wrong...when you add whatever additional pay these "soldier teachers" will be payed!


What does "per concealed carry class" mean, exactly?

good question, totally not sure.


Math is wrong... by alot...

77 X 6=462

(462 X $300)+(462 X $100)
($138,600)+($46,200) = $184,800

I don't think arming teachers is a worthwhile or even marginally beneficial answer, but the math should at least be correct.

@DJVJ311 I think the point here is it's to damn expensive.

@MikeFlora When your numbers are off bye 7,941% your point gets lost. As I said in my comment, I agree with it being useless and expensive and ill-conceived, but when you have a good point, you should try not to let it be hidden by such glaring errors.

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