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Don't listen to me.

BeeHappy 9 Feb 2

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I always listen to you, Bee.

Lol, maybe you shouldn't. As the meme says, I talk a lot of smack. ?


Hi How are you


Reminds me of a kindergarten teacher who was rather round in the middle. One day she had a sub and a student asked if she would tie his shoe. She said, sure, just place your shoe up on my knee. The did so and happily proclaimed. "Wow. It doesn't fall off!" When sitting down, the regular kindergarten teacher's belly extended above her knee so her students didn't have a ledge above the knee to rest their shoe while being tied.


Listen carefully. Go to the gym, walk two miles a day which will turn into four. Exercise is Medicine and the tips will not longer be a problem.
I do not like it when people dump on themselves. You can talk your mind and achieve putting your underwear with a smile. I go to the gym three times a week and at first it is a challenge, just like putting on your skivies. Think about it,

Thanks for the advice. Lol

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