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Ok!! Challenge. Are you too tired to go out, travel, vacation?
I'm female 60 and just hoping for a live soul. Lol

Cat021958 6 Feb 2

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I saw the dark of many many countries in my youth. This has killed the desire for travel. I seek the serenity, peace, and calm of my own little slice of the world. I have lived in my area my entire life. There are people every week I am meeting that I have never met before. I take joy in meeting new people versus seeing new things and places.


I’m ready, where to?


Pick me!
Pick ME!


I am nearly 70 and am still up for all that and more.


Travelling is the best part of my life,learning something new in every places i've been,knowing people in all walks of life and get something to add for the new horizon.???


Nope, I'm your age and I'm down for travel, for going out meeting people and having fun. Looking for friends. I'm straight but your Arizona trip sounds fun.


Shit.... if I had the money, I’d travel the world.


Going out, travel, vacation?
What are these foreign concepts of which you speak???


I hate driving like 2 blocks to the grocery store...


Mid 50s and drove to and through France from UK 9 times last year, 1200 miles there in back each time. French partner buggered off due to Brexit taking my very young son. So at over half a century old I'm doing the child-access road, in extreme to maintain contact.

That is extreme. Do you Skype?

@FrayedBear No, and I have no intention of being a Dad on screen

@Savage Better than no dad at all. From the age of 18 months to about 18 years my daughter and I talked nearly every day on the phone that we were not living together. It started so that she would know that I had not deserted her.

@FrayedBear TBH not better. She lives with a new fella who has already tried to front me and they live in one big room, not fit for purpose. So any talk between me and my son would have an unfriendly audience whilst my ex can continue her fantasy of splitting the family without it affecting our son. So I will keep travelling to see him til I break or until I bring him home for good.

@Savage Good luck. And yes the sooner you can give him his own mobile phone the better. Believe you me I'm fully on your side in terms of parenting your son. It is his right and IMO yours also. Equally however he has a right to maternal parenting but not when it is divisive. Children are not possessions or assets to earn money. Sadly many think that they are.


I am 81, in good health and I enjoy traveling by car and train and camping.

@Shouldbefishing I take regular trips on Amtrak and have ridden all the trains except in northeast. I am a train buff and enjoy just riding the train and being retired, I can as you say, sit back and relax but I do not drink beer.

@Shouldbefishing, @jlynn37 trains are on my list of things to do - suggestions on the best train trip?

@Heidi68 There are 4 long distance western trains and I recommend all of them but the best scenic train on Amtrak, in my opinion, is the California Zypher between Chicago and Sacramento through Denver and over the rockies. All 4 trains originate in Chicago. The Coast Starlight runs between Los Angeles and Seattle to access all 4 trains on the west coast also.
I see you are located in NC and there are some scenic trains to Chicago from your area through the Appalachians.

@Shouldbefishing I rode the Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver and it was a fabulous trip.
Actually it was Dallas to Chicago, Chicago to Toronto, Toronto to Vancouver, Vancouver to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to San Antonio and San Antonio to Dallas, and it was all in coach.

@jlynn37 yes how long was that trip? It sounds amazing!

@Heidi68 it took 3 weeks. I had to spend the night at hotels in Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angles and San Antonio.

@jlynn37 that sounds amazing

@Heidi68 an unforgettable train experience for sure and would do it again.

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