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What? There's a limit? 🐢🐱

BeeHappy 9 Feb 3

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In your case, I would have trouble telling you no.

Lol, you're funny and thanks for the treat! ?


Bring puppies into it.

Yepper! Haha!


Oh I’ve got 3 that constantly ask the same question so I know.

And the answer is...?

@BeeHappy Depends on just how bad they were

@48thRonin awww, I bet they aren't bad at all.


Those eyes!

I know! Love that face! ❀


Because you haven't caught the damn squirrel yet?

But... but if you give me a treat... I... I'll be able to get him. Yeah... ok? Pleeese?


? because you won't eat supper if you are full of treats!! Ok just one more...

Oh yes they will eat supper.

Awwww ❀

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