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What's something you've never done?

UrsiMajor 8 Feb 23

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Beaten someone up


Almost everything. I have done very little, but an easy one.
I have never been overseas, never seen snow.

@Akfishlady jealous, it is raining here, maybe a flood if it continues, but I doubt it.


Sky diving


Scratched my vagina

lol no I'm very scrupulous, oh and I haven't pulled a bowling ball out of my ass either


Some of the things I've never done but would like to do:
See the Northern Lights.
Have a family.
Move to the South West.
Ride in a hot air balloon.
Ride in a horse drawn carriage.
Visit Europe again.


I have never passed up a donut.

I've been doing it since 1999 after trying Krispy Kreme. I simply like the old fashioned kind.

@mt49er amen! Oops


There are at least two women in my life history that skydived. Free fall 10,000 ft. NOPE!!!! No boys or men on my resume!!! None wanted. Murder? I am capable... if the time comes for the right reasons. No matter how much will change me. I have to admit I am capable as a member of the human race.


Sing on a stage in front of a group of people. I don't believe in torture and I would never be that cruel to anyone and expose them to my singing, not even theists.


That is a damned long list! LOL! But here are a few...

• Skydiving (don’t plan to either, why jump out of a perfectly good airplane?)
• Hunt (again, not something I ever intend to do)
• Bungee Jumping (stolen from another poster, thanks @Naeem)
• Robbed a bank (but I have shoplifted in my youth, please don’t tell)
• Driven a racecar (could happen someday. I could always do it at Disney World, no really!)
• Killed anyone (either intentionally or by accident, and don’t plan to)
• Done stand-up comedy during open mic night (again, ain’t gonna happen)
• Starred in a porn film (unlikely in the extreme, but ya neva know!)

@SKDeitch Statistically safer than driving. ?


Murder..and I don't want too..even though I'm Atheist and have no Morals(christians) or sense of wonder(Oprah)..I do want to travel alot more..see S.E Viet Nam..



I can't hit the like button on that!

@UrsiMajor I'm okay with that. I'd vote if I lived in a rational country that actually recognized and followed it's own laws.


I've never gone skydiving.
I see no reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.


I have never been in a helicopter, I have never been skydiving (both on the bucket list) I have never been to a whole lot of countries I wish to go to ( yet) I have have never been married or had children ( not so much on the bucket list) I have never touched or shot a gun. and many more...

Sacha Level 7 Feb 23, 2018

@Naeem Oh yes! It has been on, but I haven't seen it yet, busy doing other stuff. I will watch it online on demand 🙂

I manned a machine gun mounted on a helicopter, but didn't have any reason to fire it.
I've never been skydiving, but I did repel from a helicopter.


I've never learned to play a guitar, something I fully intend to do before I shuffle off this mortal coil.


Paid the Russians to take me out into space

dc65 Level 7 Feb 23, 2018

ran for president (or anything for that matter)

so we went to sky dive? I would try that too

I've always wanted to do that and hangglide. There's one small problem though; I'm terrified of falling.

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