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Fox, apoplectic over its own polling showing wide public support for @AOC and @ewarren's wealth tax proposals, literally blames the fact that schools teach kids to be fair:

"The idea of fairness has been promoted in our schools for a long time."
Steve Morris []

By jerry998
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I would not have believed this had I not heard it myself.

Complaining about fairness as if being fair is a bad thing!!!! Perhaps we should take The host’s stance and let Fox personnel pay a 90% tax rate. That seems “fair” by their standards.

Rob1948 Level 7 Feb 5, 2019

I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or be mad. Or maybe all three.


Children do have an innate bias towards "fairness". It takes a concerted effort to make it disappear....


Beautiful Fuck that lefty fairness!


It makes sense that Republicans would be against fairness. They seem to be against everything good.


If they aren't paying an equal share of the money they earn in taxes, they shouldn't be hated just because they are greedy bastards. They should be made to pay. They keep their money off shore then they should live off shore and not be allowed in the country. Off shore should charge them too though.

morlll Level 6 Feb 5, 2019

Trump brags about not paying taxes, “that makes me smart!”


As I've read and seen in documentaries, the idea of fairness seems to be part of our psyche. It's something that starts appearing in kids at a very young age. It seems I've also come across info that it's been observed in some animals as well.

bingst Level 8 Feb 5, 2019

Yeah, I recall a study where dogs got very upset when another dog was given more treats or something for the same task.
Found it! []


I guess" people of means" are the new group to hate on...

It finally occurred to Howard Schultz that a billionaire objecting to increased taxes on the wealthy might sound a bit self-serving, so now he's just another "person of means."

They sort of are the problem though, right?

@jerry99 He's just another greedy prick that doesn't want to share.

@jerry99 I get what he is trying to say but yes, I get called out a lot for what is termed "rich people" is not appropriate for him to whine and complain without addressing the real issue of economic disparity...he could have done so without sounding like a big baby...

How do you know he doesn't share in other ways? Just curious...what he was attempting to say was that people of means are able to finance all sorts of things people take for granted...arts, music, scholarships, charities, schools, etc. This might be true, but is it enough when the gap is so wide?

I think there are (at least) two problems: Trump, a pseudo-billionaire, elected on a populist platform is doing his best to screw over the 99%; and secondly, the wealth disparity in our country has grown to such outrageous proportions that it calls to mind the era of the French Revolution. []

@jerry99 The disparity is limited to a mere 1%...1% did not take away or prevent the 99% from making money...some worked years in poverty and then hit pay dirt...when you look at the 1%, most of the money was made very recently due to technologies/marketing...the issue is if they are making their excess at the expense of others...some are and some aren't...people want to guillotine them all when all are not like tRUMP...this is not just a problem created by is created by systems failing: student loans, low minimum wages, price gouging, etc. Until systems are fixed as well, a taxing system that gives the government control of how it is spent will also fail.

@thinktwice "Currently, the richest 1% hold about 38% of all privately held wealth in the United States. while the bottom 90% held 73.2% of all debt. According to The New York Times, the richest 1 percent in the United States now own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent." []
I don't doubt that many in the 1% are busy trying to help people, but I'm pretty sure they're in the minority.

@jerry99 That is the point...the debt, the wages, etc. makes the gap even wider...I don't begrudge people making all the money they is capitalism...I don't like the things that caused the poor to be poorer to be blamed on just the wealthy nor is it the poor's fault people spend their money is none of my our government spends it is...

@thinktwice That is well and good, but they write that off. It also doesn't help building the infrastructure, fund education, or fund the government period. Guys like him have enough to do both.

@Sticks48 Write what off? You are not allowed to write off political donations and there is a limit in the amount of charitable donations with some not being able to write off any at all...supporting the arts and music is not deductible unless you set up some sort of non-profit foundation to funnel money you think it is alright to tell a person that they have to take the financial risk, perhaps spend years of sacrifice to build up a corporation, and then trust the government to spend the money doing what they have done poorly all these years? I am all for fair taxes...marginal taxes might just lead to less money than you think.


@thinktwice It didn't in the past. That is how they built the interstate highway system in the 50's. That highway system made goods and services move around the country faster and cheaper. Why tax the rich? That is where the money is. Why rob banks? that's where the money is. A couple of years ago the Wall Street Journal ran a story about the fact 63% percent of the wealth in this country is inherited. If the divide between the wealthy and everyone else keeps getting wide,the rich won't have to worry about taxes, because this country could fall apart just like every country and empire in history that let that divide get to large.

@Sticks48 The argument I would make and accept is that the rich benefit from having happier and healthier people on the whole to be part of our society...just as I gladly pay taxes for schools when I have no children...I will benefit with better doctors, even better cashiers, etc. Employees that don't have to worry about feeding their families or losing their homes are better, more productive employees. My dissent from most of the posts about taxation of the rich stems from the need to not just focus on taxes but fixing other systems that contribute to the divide...

Let's say you wrote ten songs and became super took you 60 years to get that break...Joe down the street went to college, had $100,000 in student loans, $200,00 in mortgage, and has no both drive on roads filled with potholes...wouldn't you sort of be miffed if you were taxed and none of the other stuff was addressed? Why shouldn't you be able to buy a house with a swimming pool for your talent and work? It has to be MORE than just taxes is all I am saying...

@thinktwice I am talking about multi-multi millionaires and billionaires, and folks hiding their money in offshore accounts.

@Sticks48 how many multi's? And incrementally, does it really matter?

@thinktwice So where do you propose they get the money?

@Sticks48 From the rich..

.how many times do I need to say it...I am not disagreeing, just making sure that the issue is not simplified...when it is simplified and mob thinking attacks any class, that class is going to resist and that is the class that needs to help change this country...willing to give more taxes to make our country better and not just perpetuate the failed systems works for me...

@thinktwice What I would like to see simplified and restructured is the tax code.

@Sticks48 me, too...but that is not going to be the solution by itself...there are way too many millionaires who are quietly watching all of this and many are disagreeing with any tax changes affecting their lifestyles and retirement...if you want to keep them voting against regressive policies and stop being so conservative fiscally, other things are going to have to change as well...

It’s not going to be so wonderful being wealthy when they can’t breathe the air or drink the water. If the 1%ers keep fighting environmental protections, we’re all doomed.

@thinktwice Could be, but how much does he need? There are really hungry children in your country and people without proper health care. Fix those then start whining. What will he not be able to do with these tax changes? Will he not be able to buy something? What do they need all that money for? It makes no sense other than greed. Warren Buffet in jest said some of these people are going to have to learn to live on 500,000,000 a year. I know of a local billionaire that has given over 100,000,000 to charities. He doesn't have to, but it sure helps those local charities and hospitals. If he gave another 100 million he'd be okay. There would be no change in his lifestyle.

@morlll I object to the idea that people who have money are told how to spend it...that they have to...I don't want a society where anyone is told that enough is is none of our business if someone pays $30 for sheets or $3,000...need is irrelevant...and you or I NEED more than one pair of shoes? do we need a home bigger than a room? There are lots of people with money that do exactly as you say...donate to hospitals, charities, arts, etc. We can't put conscious into this equation...people don't always do the "right" thing....but that is not our call...I am for taxation fairly and proportionately without wiping out the incentive to make money...all the money you want...individuals should not be asked to fix the SYSTEMS...that is all of our problems...fair share with incentives to do more...

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