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Sorry squito!

By AmiSue8
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I guess, "Die, motherfucker!", doesn't fit the theme.

KKGator Level 9 Feb 5, 2019

It fits perfectly in and around my house, KKGator, I see a bug that doesn't belong and it's Good night Irene Bug time.

@Triphid Do some bugs belong?

@creative51 Yeah but those are very few and far between, ladybugs are okay, native Australian Honey Bees are okay as are ordinary bees as well but that's about the extent of it.

@Triphid In some parts you guys got some really nasty spiders I hear. Funnel or something like that.

@creative51 Down here, we get Brown Recluse spiders. I was bitten by one about 10 years ago. Still have the remnants of it.
Looks like a burn. It's finally starting to fade.

@KKGator we get white-tailed spiders around here at times and close relatives of theirs from the bush known as the Grey-tail or the Acacia spider, both are nasty rotten little buggers and a Grey-tail bit me about 7 years ago now, it was just two tiny prick like marks at first but within 24 hours my lower right leg had swollen to about 3 times its normal size, I could barely walk but managed to get a taxi to take to the local A&E Department where they started me on I.V. Antibiotics twice per day for a week, no antivenom because I couldn't identify the spider at the time, but about 4 days later I found the little bugger hiding the sock I was wearing.
The Hospital contacted the C.S.I.R.O. and they immediately asked if it was still alive, which it was, so they then requested that it be shipped to them asap as they had no venom from such a spider to use to create an antivenom from.
Like yours mine is starting to fade slowly but the scars are still visible where necrosis of the skin was at its worst.

@Triphid Wow. Glad it wasn't worse for you.

I never got mine looked at. By the time I did, it was several years later, and the doc didn't even know what he was looking at.

@KKGator Mine was pretty bloody horrible, it oozed pus and serum for days even weeks after treatment, couldn't wear socks and it was in the middle of winter here, had have dressings done 3 times per day for over a month until it started to clear up finally.

@Triphid Damn. That's awful.

@KKGator Hey, at least the C.S.I.R.O. got a spider to start extracting venom from and create an antivenom for its bite though.

@Triphid True. Lemonade from poisonous lemons!

  1. Get out
  2. What part of get out did you not understand
  3. Do you have a death wish
  4. No, you may not stay in doors
  5. Shut up, I have heard it before, buzz, buzz, buzz all the time

Well at least we know what doesn’t bug you. ?


Hmm, verrrry interesting.

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