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I am making progress I have just been blocked for the first time. At least I think that's why I can't access a thread i wwas contributing to. Some sensitive souls on here.

Moravian 8 Feb 6

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It catches me off guard, especially when I have no idea what went wrong! And, it could just be a misunderstanding! But I am left with no remedy. (And I like to have things settled.) However, maybe it is not so bad, every person must take care of him/herself and if that means shutting out others, so be it. Assimilating information is not always accomplished in a straight line!


I have blocked one member. I can't believe I did, but she was going crazy on me and before I start a confrontation, I just blocked her so we won't ever have to deal with each other.
Don't know what was your story, but mine was just her and I (and group host) on the thread about rat bait. .... yeah....

I'm sure there was an adage that if you weren't "flamed" after seven replies on a chatroom you weren't trying hard enough. I try very hard not to abuse anyone but I have unfriended a few people on facebook because of the constant stream of drivel that the post.

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