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Like most of us here, I really hate the chump they're calling president. apart from the travesty he represents for this nation, I have come to resent the hate that I see & feel about him everyday. It's like a poison that we happily consume. Perhaps i am different, but i feel ashamed and saddened that our society lets this person occupy such a hearty slice of thier time, attention, perspective....... ridiculously accommodating his hateful tactics. I'm not saying we should ignore him, I'm saying he's an old joke that doesn't need re-telling all the time.

By hankster9
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Very well said but he just keeps up with so many things it is difficult to comprehend and proceed without comment and a upset stomach!

Marine Level 8 Feb 7, 2019

maybe there is some peace in futility of the response. what's the point? responses are just gas on the Fire.


My husband was getting so depressed over it that I finally took the remote and made him watch YouTube Videos on how to play have to walk away..take a break of some something positive for yourself or your community...if you don't recharge, you will not have the motivation or energy when it will be needed...

Everyone has a limit...some low, some are a respected member of this community...take a break...

i appreciate that and i do try. thanks.

My wife shuts off the tv or makes me watch my my favorite her least favcorite shows


what's the point of causing psychic stress & turmoil in yourself by hating him?
the US has reached the point where desperate people voted for a populist b/c they're tired of getting totally screwed by establishment politicians. i can easily understand why many refused to vote for the limousine lib democrats.
anyway the situation is hopeless. doesn't matter who gets elected from here on.
there will be a great reckoning.


I see a double standard. There were 8 years of Republican public maligning of the capable, ethical statesman who preceded this monster, so it doesn’t surprise me to see/hear the current vitriol. America is not great again; it is far worse off than it was...even the stock market is not hugely successful. Yes, the hate talk is excessive...but anti-Obama hate talk was excessive for eight years...and it continues to be so even this far beyond his administration. Did you complain about THAT then or now? I doubt it. The Republican party manipulated the prejudices and bigotry that exists in America to elect an unqualifued poor excuse for a leader, and he is getting what he deserves. And America has gotten what it deserves for being taken in by it.

like i said ...perhaps im different. i could not care any less what "they" did, or for how long or why. for me it's not a question of whether or not he deserves it, it's a question of whether or not I want to hear about him all the time. people have their minds made up, nobody's changing things, there's no benefit.

@hankster it helps release the frustration of the situation. I think people should vent. And maybe THINK before they vote their prejudices.

@MissKathleen maybe, but I think it's just feeding the need to vent more. the pointlessness has become untenable.

@hankster scroll on by

@MissKathleen gets old.... I get tired of hate.

@hankster you know what? I don't like it either and I am also sick of it. But I understand why it is happening and realistically see that it isn't going to change because the bloody Republicans continue to carry on with their many years-old lies and rabble-rousing. The backlash is coming from the people who see this and feel powerless. So I will continue to scroll on by, pretty much as I have been doing.

Thank you for your comments


Couldn't agree more!

BeeHappy Level 9 Feb 6, 2019

Well said!


That's why we have voting, If you don't like it then vote.

kenriley Level 8 Feb 6, 2019

Thank you!

skado Level 8 Feb 6, 2019
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