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Donald J. Trump: PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT! It should never be allowed to happen again!

Various Twitter responses:

PRESIDENTIAL CORRUPTION! It should never be allowed to happen again!

Don't you dare talk about harassment. You have been harassing people your whole life. Sexually, legally, and illegally

Doesn’t matter if he’s President or not. Doesn’t matter if he’s a celebrity or not. When he’s bragging about grabbing women by the p*ssy and how he just can’t help himself and “starts kissing women”, it’s harassment. And he’s done it multiple times.

Then give us a president who doesn’t lie and isn’t horrible. You know, like Obama.

You mean like when you went around the nation lying that Barack Obama wasn’t born in America?

You lying, obtuse, racist, white supremacist, orange clown show. You spent years trying to delegitimize the first Black president with your racist birther crap and all your other lies. You harassed him because he’s Black, you pathetic bigot.

Presidential bigotry, should never happen. But it does, every day under the Trump administration.

Presidential dysfunction, shouldn’t happen, but it does.

RULE OF LAW! It’s called democracy and elections have consequences.

They should. And if Trump is going to call out any “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!” he should really complain about how Nancy Pelosi basically dog walked him with a single clap in front of the joint session of Congress at SOTU and turned him into the greatest meme of all time.

At the end of the day, we all know Donald Trump is a triggered snowflake when he screams about “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT” Come on man, have some dignity befitting the Office of the President. Oh that’s right, Trump’s a cowardly criminal who dodged the draft with fake bone spurs.

jerry99 8 Feb 7

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"Then give us a president who doesn’t lie and isn’t horrible. You know, like Obama."-- yeah like if you like your plan you can keep your pla. If you like you doctor you can keep your doctor. We are going to lower premium by $1,500. All lies. Your Obama messiah complex is showing.

"You mean like when you went around the nation lying that Barack Obama wasn’t born in America?"--- yeah both him and Hillary loves the Obama birther stuff. It was hilarious.

"You lying, obtuse, racist, white supremacist, orange clown show."-- got proof? Or just rhetoric as normal?

"You harassed him because he’s Black, you pathetic bigot."-- Any rational person knows Obama was a liar, and deserves what he gets. your assert racism and bigotry is your own illusion.

"’s harassment. And he’s done it multiple times." And yet no one has complained about it yet... once again your own illusion for asserting it actually happened.

" a triggered snowflake when he screams about “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT” -- funny Only people with R next to their name are truly investigated. D's get stuff brushed under the rug. This may very well be a valid complaint.

Your Reality Distortion Field is running on overload - maybe turn it down a couple of notches before it blows up.

@jerry99 Typical. More rhetoric and no substance.


He was such a clown, too many thought it just couldn’t happen. Including him! After it did, his Narcissism kicked into overdrive..

Problem is, all those thinking it couldn’t happen left it up to people like us to do the heavy lifting, and I could only vote once. It was one hell of a gunshot wound to this nation’s head, though … a shot felt around the world 😕

With the reelection of Barack Obama, the Republican Industrialist’s feared for their party’s future. Assuming US demographics may have shifted to the point they might never achieve a majority ... they strategized.. Throwing enough money at any concern can work, so they did.

With the most qualified presidential candidate in US history having ‘waited her turn’ and served her president & nation ... decades of unrelenting propaganda was hard to overcome.. Then the dirty work of email hacking & strategic leaks aimed to open a gulf between Democrats.. and triggering yet another dead-end HRC ‘investigation’ - compounded by those having supported Obama ignorantly sitting on their hands … and Vwala! Agent Orange

I feel your pain 😟

Varn Level 8 Feb 7, 2019

Nicely said, I agree. They've figured out how to game the system and got their clowns elected in 2 out of the last 3 presidencies. I'm afraid that it will continue unless we figure out how to counter that scheme, like with doing away with the Electoral College.

@jerry99 When ‘the system’ works for those (even almost) elected … what incentive do they have to ‘reform it?’ A lot of Democrats sacrificed their offices to achieve our toehold on healthcare. The only hope I see is, given at least both houses of congress and the presidency (fingers crossed with this supreme court) … an overwhelming majority of Democrats (and F... that 60% senate majority!) risk it all again in a successful attempt to ...correct more stuff than I care to list..

My hope for this nation is that there’s such a backlash in 2020 ..the hell we’re wading through right now may eventually feel worth it ~


"Accuse others of which you are guilty."

Della Level 6 Feb 7, 2019

yep, trump does that daily!!!


You can point out all the facts but you can’t make a Trump supporter think.
For them, it’s just a football game and Donald is their team quarterback.
It comes as a real shock to them that we’re fighting for our financial lives and the future of our people and will turn on and politically destroy corrupt people that claim to be on our side but are in it only for self-gain.
This isn’t a game.


Poor fucking Donnie boy. The world is so damn unfair to that bastard.


There are no adjectives bad enough to describe this thing that sits in the Oval Office.

Their are, but you are not supposed to use them in polite company.

@creative51 I have used them all, mixed company are not, and none of them describe the disdain and loathing I feel for trump.


Excellent read...


And breathe...


I really want to see people just start calling him a liar, right to his face, all the time.
Not even let him speak. Just keep saying "liar", every single time he opens his mouth.

...but over two years into this nightmare and just last night I listened to a timid reporter tacitly refer to him as a liar. Maybe that’s what I should expect from NPR, but it made me sick..

@Varn We've gotten too used to being lied to.
That's what makes me sick. We just accept it.

@KKGator It’s apparently become the norm. What next 😕

It's exactly what he's been getting away with doing to even the most reliable news media.

@Varn It's only the "norm" because we're accepting it as such.
Since when do we do what we're told?
I know I never have. I do not believe in conformity.
Conformity breeds evil.

@KKGator I’m with you … but we need a detected consensus to make this corrupted democracy work.. I noticed someone on the site today feeling ‘she was fine ignoring the problem (of religion).’ But we’re only ‘free’ to ignore such crap until laws are enacted that force us into submission, or death.

There’s a blend I attempt to achieve in political activities -- but it can be a headbanger! Even around here, I find it ..difficult to avoid a fight, find that common ground ..then attempt to move forward together…

I view evil ..if there is such a thing.. having it soooo much easier - Divide & conquer! Whereas it’s sooooo much harder to build coalitions, educate, deprogram, motivate … or simply give hope.. I can’t help but try, and appreciate your honesty and directness 🙂


It's not harassment if the investigations prove his wrongdoing, which they will. Benghazi was harassment there were never any charges.

What we knew a month into his administration was enough to destroy any politician not in the Republican party. We don’t need further investigation or more proof, we just need the resolve to oust him.


twitter is brutal...I am so glad for it since he is on there spewing his hate and ignorance...

I also found the post about the poor kid being bullied to be so hypocritical when he is the biggest name caller and bully of all!

Oh my heavens, can’t this Administration create any more fakery?

If Trump takes credit for all the new Congresswomen then he needs to take credit for this kid and for the same reasons.

@Mortal I found the picture of the child sleeping through the speech...I thought it was the perfect picture for a namesake to be taking "executive time"...

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