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Coping with S.A.D. and Depression at the same time. Any suggestions?

By PatrickKerr6
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Bleurowz nailed it, I was just going to mention about the light box. Of course everything else is also correct, finding the right anti-depressant, exercise, also talk therapy can help. Best of luck smile001.gif

BeKind19 Level 4 Feb 8, 2019

I use a full-spectrum light and continue with my anti-depressants, which I take regularly anyway. Exercise is good, as well as changing eating habits, stay away from foods that make you feel tired and sluggish... I knew I had S.A.D. even with chronic depression, because I noticed how, even depressed, my mood would gradually go down more in the fall, and then elevate drastically the first mild day in the spring -- it was wild, almost like I was punch drunk.

bleurowz Level 8 Feb 8, 2019

I have one,...they work, Vitamin "D" too.


When I lived in Seattle, I suffered from SAD and was also often depressed from emotional issues. I did create a bright light for my work space, and forced myself to go out for a walk at noon daily, even if it was raining. Was hard to get motivated to do so, but by making a habit, I was able to do it. I rarely drove anywhere, but when I did, I opened the sunroof to let the light in.

I had a poster of my Kauai beach view over my computer, which gave me a respite to think about strolling along the beach soaking up sun. Always just working toward my next trip. Since moving to Kauai, I get depressed far less often, but it still happens. Outdoor exercise, even thought it's hard to leave the house, still is my best way to combat depression.

Julie808 Level 7 Feb 8, 2019

What is S.A.D.? I tried google, but it had results for “sad”.

Seasonal affective disorder.


Early morning walks in the sunshine, droppers of CBD oil.


I moved from Chicago to Southern California to help me. It made a huge difference. Sunshine is medicine.

Tinocca Level 6 Feb 7, 2019

Sunshine, fresh air, exercise.


First, it's great that you're reaching out. Congrats on that! I agree, expose yourself to as much daylight as possible. Even stepping outside for a moment can be refreshing. Is there somewhere you can volunteer? A food bank, homeless shelter, soup kitchen or animal shelter? Seek help from a professional if you can. I wish you the best.


I myself, am trying my first self help book. Just try and keep from beating yourself!


Oh that sucks. Seek the sunlight. Get up and move around. Go outside if weather is user friendly. Create as much light as you can in your environment. Seek out things that make you laugh and music that makes you happy. Tell yourself that this too will pass.Did you know that there is a light therapy for this condition? Oh and also add some vitamin D to your diet because it has anti depressive qualities. Hope this helps. (I am also have to deal with this condition.)

I'm sorry to hear you also have to deal with SADD. My close friend has it and I know first hand how painful it is. It's definitely real and debilitating.

@sweetcharlotte Oh I'm sorry to hear about your friend. For me, being able to identify it, helped immensely and that allowed me to find the tools to combat it.


This seems to help me but it may be all in my head. I have a "natural light" task lamp and frequently turn it on when I'm at my computer.



@Dave75 d
Depends how much you can get hold of.

@Dave75 Or permanently. You might be interested in this:

@Dave75 Apologies. I have corrected the link. Here is is also:


Get up early to see as much daylight as possible
Shower regularly
Find something you love

I hope those darn clouds clear off soon!

brentan Level 8 Feb 7, 2019
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