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I know I have praised it previously and I am the first to admit it has issues but the NHS is amazing. Tonight I walked into my local chemist (pharmacy), Lyndsey the pharmacist asked how I was doing, offered a chat if I needed it. She then handed me my meds, asked if they were all working for me and reminded me again that they can deliver them if I'd prefer. All this and the price was £0! I then went to see the practice nurse for my annual check, weighed me, checked recent bloods (I've lost a kilo...whoop!) And gave me my once in a life time pneumonacocci injection...again the price was £0. Lastly I waited about 5 mins to see my GP. She told me I am basically right on track and we both agreed menopause is pooey...again cost me £0. She gave me a big hug and said (as she always does) "I am not meant to have favourite patients...but...". Its wonderful oh and of course they paid my wage for many years. Why is USA so frightened of it?

By Amisja8
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Quite. The NHS is amazing, so are the nurses in care homes.


The NHS is a god send.

firjam Level 3 Feb 10, 2019

I really wish the US would go to some form of socialized medicine. I nearly died 3x in one year. And I'm a 2x cancer survivor. It isn't cheap, but better to have happy healthy workers than sick and half dead ones. Just my opinion.


The stupid is deep.

ESmith Level 4 Feb 9, 2019

INSURANCE COMPANIES! If all the businesses in the U.S. would quit offering heath insurance tomorrow, you would see change really, really fast. Business should have never been saddled with that burden to begin with.

Sticks48 Level 9 Feb 8, 2019

Our health care is mostly provincial (with some federal responsibilities) and the coverage varies. My province doesn't cover prescription costs (unless you're a senior, then most of the cost is covered). Dental and Eye care are also not covered (unless you're a senior or under 18 ). But, I'm still glad I have provincial health care.


Too much money in medicine; also,brainwashed people who will swallow anything?

Hmmm. Where is there too much money in medicine?

@OwlInASack with the providers and the insurance companies. In the states you can lose your home and anything you own to medical bills. People with universal health care don't have that problem. Flat tax rate and you are covered for life.

@freeofgod ahh - ok. I’m a Brit. My son had a bone marrow transplant for free on the NHS plus all the follow up treatment.

We saw how the US families with the same condition were routinely bankrupt with treatment bills once their insurance had run out. Their treatment was at least double the cost of ours too.

I’m pretty clear about which system is better...


Polls suggest as many as 70% of Americans are for this (allowing for the differentiation in phrasing) whether it is "single payer" "Medicare for all" or "universal health care". But these 70% of Americans do not make up the constituency of our elected officials - that title belongs to the donor class, and lobbied industries such as health care, pharmaceuticals and insurance. They have a gravy train in the for-profit health industry, and will not be giving it up with out a fight.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Feb 8, 2019

Political power needs to be divorced from wealth.


Why did you have a vaccination?? ewwwww?!

Because I am a nurse in practice and work with young people in my main job, I am at risk of contracting mennigitis.

Possibly because she believes in facts not woo?

@Amisja So- you read the vaccine label then--?

@Skeezwazzle yes

@Amisja This for one is in it--
Dictionary result for phenol
noun: phenol

a mildly acidic toxic white crystalline solid obtained from coal tar and used in chemical manufacture, and in dilute form (under the name carbolic ) as a disinfectant.
    any compound with a hydroxyl group linked directly to a benzene ring.

That's just the one they admit is in it.

@Amisja Last time I checked, Benzine is cancer causing.

@Amisja At least here in the States- Health care workers can refuse the vaccines and choose to wear a mask when attending patients.
You'd be better served using Collodial Silver and or food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

@Skeezwazzle Anything is cancer causing if the body is exposed to an adequate amount. I can refuse vaccinations too.

@Amisja Anything?? I can't buy that-

@Skeezwazzle Check the research


They're afraid a national health care program might reduce profits for their favorite lobbyists, insurance companies and for-profit hospitals.

jerry99 Level 8 Feb 8, 2019

Most of us are not frightened of it. Some of us believe the scare tactics of the for-profit insurers, and their friends in government and media. They talk of "death panels" and "wait times" and "oh, how oh how will we pay for it?"

But we are a third rate economy and we can do it.

@Amisja, our military-industrial complex takes all our money, "for our own good". We have to protect ourselves from terrorists, while arming our own crazies to the teeth. If we're not dying from preventable and treatable diseases, we're getting shot. Yeah, it's a weird country. I want to be Canadian.

@HomeAloneSunday Wow such an astute post.

@Amisja , my middle son was born with a serious congenital heart defect. He was well insured until he turned 19, and his estranged father stopped insuring him. I was self-employed at the time, had no insurance of my own I could add him to, and he was a poor college student, so he couldn't buy his own. He applied for Medicaid, but was told his monthly medical expenditures were too low to qualify, because they counted his roommate's income, as if his roommate would pay his medical bills. So, he went without his cardiac checkups for years, and every chest pain and shortness of breath convinced him he was dying.

He went to grad school in Hong Kong, where he had a complete cardiac workup for $13 USD. They diagnosed him with exercise induced asthma, gave him a prescription, and he was finally able to put his worries behind him and finish his PhD.

It's maddening that so many US citizens want their countrymen and women to die, but they really do. They just won't say it like that.

@HomeAloneSunday That is an amazing story. I was quite impressed by HK healthcare. I am sure you are very proud of your boy.

@HomeAloneSunday , You are correct. Dead patients=Bigger profits for CEO's. Meanwhile Ky Senator Rand Paul goes to Canada for surgery.

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