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How can a drug company charge 376000 dollars per dose for a drug with life changing abilities that was once offered for free before they got the generic. Diabetic drugs are facing the same increases placing lives at danger for profit.

By Marine8
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As someone said, they are a powerful lobby and its all dictated by money.

firjam Level 3 Feb 10, 2019

The world of pharmaceuticals is full of greed...and a strong lobby.


Yesterday, I get a letter from Anthem letting me know a BP med I take is "contaminated". I go to the pharmacy and get a replacement. I then check online about this. 40% (minimum) of our prescription meds are manufactured in China & India. The Big Pharma companies are simply middlemen. Their whine about the cost of manufacturing is as credible as my cats screaming about never being fed in their entire lives. And FORGET about quality control.

You are 100% right on that...but their lobby is strong. I used to chronically get sinus infections, for which my Otolaryngologist prescribed an antibiotic z-pack. If I filled the prescription at a drug store, it wouldn’t cure the infection. If I filled it at the pharmacy at the hospital, it worked. Turned out, the z-pack from the hospital pharmacy was manufactured in the USA, the one from the drug store was made in India. Not only are they manufacturing cheaply, but they are cheating on what’s inside. My Otolaryngologist told me to always get my prescriptions filled at the hospital.

Good advice.


supply and demand ( greed )

When you price a drug required to live out of reach of payment that is not greed but murder.

@Marine not too the rich


That’s for dummies
I don’t buy this bs. I go where same drug is just $5 or less or completely free


Look no farther than Congress. They can fix this. Get insurance companies out of health care and watch the prices of everything in health care take a drastic drop. Insurance companies are evil and rip off the public for billions and billions of dollars every year, whether it is health care or car and homeowners insurance.

Sticks48 Level 9 Feb 8, 2019

But SCIENCE!!!!!! How dare you question Big Pharma!
It's the Precious! You must do the thing or you die! Science!

Qualia Level 8 Feb 8, 2019

Capitalism is not required to have morals, or to do the "right thing for the greater good".
All that is required is to make money.
Big Pharma is in the business of making as much money as they possibly can.

KKGator Level 9 Feb 8, 2019

Because Congress is owned by Big Pharma. And any cons who suggest tRump is here to change that, "show me the money"


Remember Martin Shkreli, Who Raised Drug Prices 5,000 Percent? Turns out he's representative of the whole crooked industry. []

jerry99 Level 8 Feb 8, 2019

This drug has removed people confined to wheelchairs for years and made them whole again. To speak of crimes against humanity this should qualify As should other similar cases.The fact that our government has done nothing to limit this type of abuse is criminal itself. Please contact your representatives and voice your concern so we might stop this crime.

Marine Level 8 Feb 8, 2019
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