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So all you really smart economists out there , why wouldn't it work to use the subsidies that now go to dirty fuel or oil/coal and use it for renewables? []

SassyLady 6 Feb 8

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Because that’s not what they pay off politicians for


B/c the energy companies won't allow it to happen. You think the Bush family is going to give up all that free money from their oil interests, just after they invaded a country illegally to expand it?!?!?


We could but lobbyists,lobbyist and lobbyist!
So stop them from influencing our government into giving our money to the companies they work for.

Did I happen to mention lobbyist


Maybe that's what AOC wants to do.


The answer is in the link you posted.... But private companies are investing in clean energy... It will take time though


As I said to my dentist when he said I needed a crown "Right!"

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