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Has it been a year?

I joined Agnostics one year ago today smile001.gif

I've really enjoyed being here, I made a few mates along the way including one that's evolved a tad, she knows who she is smile001.gif. had some good exchanges, pissed a few people off, got a t-shirt and got to level 8.1

I'll probably still be on that level this time next year!

Thx you lot, see you out there smile001.gif

By ipdg778
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I opened this comment and posted due only to your impressive mohawk

Lucy_Fehr Level 8 Feb 10, 2019

Any reason is a good reason smile001.gif And to be honest it's not a lifestyle look, I did it for a cancer charity smile001.gif

@ipdg77 I love people that buck the traditional but thanks for aiding in awareness

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