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The Banana Experiment

By MissKathleen9
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I posted this on Facebook and my brother responded with this. [exposingtruth.com]

Well now, THAT is interesting.


What is the control in this experiment? What hypothesis were they testing? It sounds less like an experiment and more like someone being cruel to monkeys.

Further, this does not show that learned behavior is inherently good or bad. It just shows that it exists, which is not much of a revelation.

That was my initial reaction, as well. But it does demonstrate mob mentality, which was my intent in posting it.


This scenario sounds similar to the way people of India acted before Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Our ability to communicate and analyze our actions led to the overthrow of the British and self rule by India. The people of India divided by religion and fought each other with many deaths, similar to the monkeys fighting to keep others off the ladder. Gandhi was a voice of reason and redirected the ire of the people towards the British, but he was eventually killed for climbing the ladder. I hope the US does not go through a similar process, but the deaths (Atlanta) have already started. I fear there will be many more.

EdEarl Level 8 Feb 11, 2019

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

Of course, after Socrates said that, they executed him for corrupting the youth. Maybe he asked too many questions.


Primates are all alike, which would be an insult to our cousins the chimps if they knew about it.

Novelty Level 8 Feb 10, 2019

I believe that is a form of dogma.

That or Pavlovian conditioning combined.
look at how long witch burnings went on.
Fucking people eventually were expecting to one like it was a television show.?


If we were to ask ourselves more often “ why do I do this, believe this or even think this?? “ I’m almost positive that we would have the same answer as those monkeys.

“I don’t know it’s just how things are done.”

And for those that can’t or didn’t get the message within the story here you are most likely the ones that don’t understand why some of us are fighting back because we know that you’re conditioned but we’re fucking tired of starving because of your ignorance.

48thRonin Level 8 Feb 10, 2019

Humans are assholes.

KKGator Level 9 Feb 10, 2019


Why do you say that?

@48thRonin Historic observation.

@48thRonin I think she means some are.

@rogueflyer I think most are.

Ok was just wondering.

@rogueflyer Ok ??

@KKGator all humans have the capacity for assholeness. Most chimps as well, as they are not a pleasant species. Maybe bonobos would respond in a better manner. They engage in sex to release tension. Lots of sex and with any bonobo regardless of sex. (No conversion therapy there)

I'd say "Humans are a set of assholes." Or "Each human is an asshole." Otherwise LOL - you are implying a human has multiple assholes. This refinement makes me a bigger asshole, not a multiple one. smile002.gif

@Beowulfsfriend Pardon me. I should have been more specific, and said "arrogant assholes".

@Beowulfsfriend A little OT but at least chimps aren’t making the earth uninhabitable or causing mass extinction.

@Closeted Exactly. Earth, and it's other inhabitants, would survive just fine without humans. Humans, on the other hand, wouldn't survive without the Earth. We don't deserve what we have.

@KKGator if nothing else, the treatment of our national parks during the shutdown, especially the Joshua Tree Park, demostrate that. And that’s just one example!

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