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More on the atrocity known as American International gangsterism:


More information can be read through "Out Of The Illusion "

By FrayedBear9
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Regime change! Oh boy!!
I think I smell JP4 fumes.....
Linda!! Where's my flight suit!!??!!


Jet fuel... basically kerosene.


And I suppose "American Gangsterism" forced Maduro to erect blockades to keep aid shipments out of the country. []

The regime change is coming from within Venezuela. Maduro, a dictator, replaced Chavez, a dictator. Guaido has been recognized under the rules of Venezuela's own constitution as Maduro's legitimate successor.

My advice; get over it. Nobody is proposing an invasion.

Paul4747 Level 7 Feb 11, 2019

Aid deliberately contaminated like blankets given to First Nations People in N. America during the 1800s?

Have a read of what Chavez and Madura have actually done Venezualan people not American big business. The improvement in health, housing and democracy far outstrips so called USA improvements for Venezualans or Americans. I suggest that you are being conned by the gangsters.


"gangsteism"??? That's a new one.

DeStijl Level 7 Feb 11, 2019

Thank you for noticing the spelling error now corrected thanks to your vigilance.

@FrayedBear Don't you have enough to keep you busy in Australia?

@DeStijl Do you think that we are not affected by American policy, sanctions and gangsterism here in Australia? We are being raped and pillaged by American gangsterism as much as West Papua, Venezuela, Cuba, Chile, ... the list goes on. In fact the only people less affected are those living the American dream in the USA. But of course most of those are too stupid to care. Are you familiar with Professor Cipolla's definition of intelligent people? If not please bring yourself up to speed - []

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