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Finally got around to reading "The Godfather". I still hven't seen the movies. However, the book was really good. I recommend it highly.

By snytiger69
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If you like the book then you will love the video game.


The first and second movies were really good..I recommend them highly..and normally hate seeing movies of books I've read and liked, because they almost never live up to the books..but these too are excellent...

dubgal Level 4 Feb 11, 2019

Two exceptions to the adaptations being better than the books are "Game of Thrones" and the "Dexter" books (Although I don't care for how the Dexter TV show ended.


There were many things in the book which didn't make it into the movie, as usual.
However, I'd say that the movie was a pretty fair adaption of the book.
Some things were definitely changed based on artistic license, and time constraints.
If you like Puzo's writing, I'd recommend reading "Omerta: A Novel". It was good, too.

KKGator Level 9 Feb 11, 2019

I was thinking about adding Puzo's other books to my reading list. I just finished the godfather sequels, "The Godfather Returns" and "The Godfather's Revenge". They were written by a different author and just were not as well written.

@snytiger6 Wasn't even aware of them until your post. I'm not a fan of other authors writing about characters they didn't create.
The books rarely, if ever, match the original author's.
Case in point, "Scarlett" by Alexandra Ripley.
It was the sequel to "Gone With The Wind" by Margaret Mitchell.
It didn't measure up. Wasn't a bad story, but it didn't measure up.

It's also one of the myriad reasons I had/have for not reading any of the fan fiction for Star Wars, or anything else.
I'm not interested in the "expanded universe".


Don’t tell me you’re innocent
You insult my intelligence

I just had other reading interests. I probably will read the rest of Puzo's books before the end of the year though.


I first saw "The Godfather" at a drive-in movie, when I was sixteen. But early on in the film, when Tom tells Sonny his dad wants to see him (and Sonny is 'hooking up' with a woman, while standing up) my girlfriend and I climbed into the back seat of my jeep, and got into some heavy 'hooking up'. So much so, we never saw the rest of the movie. So, I had to wait for it to begin appearing on television, before I actually got to see it in its entirety!

davknight Level 7 Feb 11, 2019

I would think a TV broadcast version would have been cut down a bit.

@snytiger6 From the waist down!

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