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Why are people so hostile towards President Donald Trump? This question was asked on Quora, and here is probably the best response so far (thank you to Chris O'Leary). Please take the time to read the whole thing (a little long I know, but ...
By ATDayHiker 7 36 comments TN Feb 11
@Bingst made it to Level 8 today. Congratulations on Level Eight! He's one of the early members who has helped to make the site a heck of a lot safer for everyone else. He also helped me make Movie night a thing! ;-) So for that I'm always ...
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By RavenCT 9 20 comments CT Aug 29, 2018
Ricky Gervais said it so eloquently when in a religious debate with Stephen Colbert (staunch Catholic)
By stomato 6 14 comments TN Feb 23, 2018
Sadly got back from Canada Sunday evening from seeing my boo ♥️ It’s always a wonderful time with him. Saw a movie, went out to eat, spent every second together. Five days is not enough. He’s definitely my greatest hello and my hardest ...
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By BohoHeathen 7 17 comments OH Feb 19
Human Connection is fundamentally difficult. ---------------------- I've seen a lot of people lament the fact that "good men are hard to find" or "it is so hard to find connection." But I really have to question why we should find it easy. ...
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By KenChang 7 24 comments WA Nov 12, 2018
Toni Basil played a prostitute in the '69 movie 'Easy Rider', during the acid scene in a New Orleans cemetery. She's pure 60's smoke.
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By Highway-Starr 7 12 comments OR Jan 20
Dan and I just returned from seeing "Bohemian Rhapsody" the epic awesome bio of Queen and Freddy Mercury. Absolutely loved it. Cried through half the movie. A dear college friend of mine died 26 years ago from AIDS. If you love their music-go see ...
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By sassygirl3869 9 16 comments NY Nov 11, 2018
sigh... I wish I could be more spontaneous... A conversation with a friend today reminded me how I was, up until two years ago, much more able to do things at short notice, or just be able to do more, and how much I've missed it since I've been ...
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By bleurowz 8 10 comments NJ Dec 4, 2018
Makes me want to rewatch the movie.
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By Frctnal 7 4 comments MT Feb 17
It really does read like a B movie.
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By Surfpirate 8 11 comments Canada Jan 13
My movie coat
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By GuyKeith 8 7 comments CO Mar 13
I am obsessed with zombie movies, and i have yet to turn into a zombie
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By coralisthree 8 8 comments MN Oct 13, 2018
I've just been to the movies to see Aquaman....PHwoarr, that is all. Oh wait, yes the film was good too. Bloody hell it's turned me into a dirty old woman LMAO!
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By psycheworks 8 15 comments UK Dec 15, 2018
Ok. I'm heartbroken. I'm crying so much today...and this is what I need to do to heal. I know in some ways some people wouldn't understand the connection I had with a man so soon. I won't apologize or back down. I truly feel that we had an ...
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By Cabsmom 7 31 comments TX Mar 3
So,is it just me or does anyone else see the similarities between Rudy Giuliani and Danny DeVito as "The Penguin" from the "Batman " movie?
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By lookinhard 7 8 comments NY Aug 8, 2018
We're getting ready to go visit and have dinner with friends and then it's off to the movies to see Mary Queen of Scots. Have a fun Christmas Eve y'all!
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By ProudMary 8 10 comments WV Dec 24, 2018
Samuel L. Jackson taunted fans who threaten to boycott his movies if he keeps slamming Trump: ‘I already cashed that check’ [] Right on!
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By chalupacabre 8 7 comments WA Mar 20
The DC movie we deserve... 🦇
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By jenandjuice1111 7 7 comments TX Jan 11
I'm old and disabled . I took myself to a movie today , I heard a lady's voice say , "I'll get that ," not realizing that I was reaching to push the automatic door opener . When I got inside I scooted over and thanked her for her offer . After the ...
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By Cast1es 8 12 comments TX Feb 25
My awesome granddaughter Rachel and her best friend watching a movie together.
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By Taladad 8 10 comments CO Oct 17, 2018
Mind if I throw in a bit of art? My favorite Boris Vallejo painting. You will recognize his work in many things, from movie posters to hundreds of scify/fantasy books, graphic novels, and so on. This one is titled "Soap / Counterfeit Lover" and takes...
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By John-Paul 7 5 comments NC Dec 17, 2018
So many things wrong with this old movie.
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By Duke 8 4 comments CO Dec 1, 2018
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! My son and I went to the movies and saw the latest Fantastic Beasts.
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By Hathacat 8 8 comments IL Nov 23, 2018
An upcoming movie, starring the usual suspects!
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By MojoDave 8 12 comments FL Mar 19
OK. I'm from the UK where, like Australia and many other countries we have really strict gun control laws. I have seen (and commented on) several posts on here from pro-gun advocates and I make this post not to antagonise or to offend, but as an ...
By Uncorrugated 7 38 comments UK Feb 22, 2018
Reminds me of the scene with The Oracle in that movie 300.
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By MrLink 7 12 comments CO Nov 22, 2018
My kind of movie
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By glennlab 9 5 comments TX Feb 17
CJ when the movie I watching is not good enough for him
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By TiernanMcCann 5 5 comments Canada Mar 19
Helping children be skeptics. My grandsons are my reason for living and we spend a lot of time together. They know I'm atheist and what that means. We've had many discussions on faith and religion (they asked, I answered truthfully). I have often ...
By mzbehavin 7 14 comments OK Mar 17
I have a date tonight to watch this movie with my kiddo :) Youtube
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By DaphneDarling 7 7 comments MN Oct 9, 2018
I saw Star Wars at least a dozen times in the theater. (Including opening day) It has had an impact in my childhood line nothing else. We had all the figures, the toys, the soundtrack on record, the movies on laserdisc, costumes, lightsabers, ...
By pepperjones 8 13 comments WA May 4, 2018
Are common interests important to you?
By Nichole765 7 76 comments IN Sep 19, 2018
I'm slowly beginning to learn the difference between solitude and loneliness. Being an extrovert, a lot of my life has been keyed to other people, and particularly when I was younger, being alone for any length of time was anathema. But I'm learning ...
By tnorman1236 8 20 comments WV Aug 26, 2018
Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?
By Alliegirl 7 131 comments SC Oct 28, 2018
By LadyAlyxandrea 8 40 comments KS Apr 26, 2018
It has been 50 years since this MASTERPIECE hit the screen. It won the Oscar for Best Picture while it was rated X. Unbelievable. They begged Schlesinger to edit the film, but he refused to change even one frame. It won anyway. The 2 disc Collector's...
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By GuyKeith 8 9 comments CO Jan 18
Homemade pizza and a movie night with 5 of my kids! Deadpool 2.
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By SaucyCheryl 8 7 comments WA Sep 14, 2018
Little known facts about Die Hard - The Christmas Movie
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By Surfpirate 8 7 comments Canada Dec 26, 2018
Ray had a great laugh in this movie
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By Captnron59 9 4 comments TX Nov 2, 2018
Umm? Fuck off! Scary movies trip me out...😳
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By Seems_legit 6 9 comments TX Oct 19, 2018
🌅🌄. Good morning all.. It's Monday and the start of a new week... How was everyone's weekend? I went out Friday night but mostly stayed home the rest of the weekend watching movies with Frankie... I'm on my way to pick up Suzy now.... ...
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By Cutiebeauty 9 12 comments NY Mar 25
Have you ever stopped reading a book, listening to a song, or watching a show because it added religion into the mix?
By silvereyes 8 56 comments OK Feb 10, 2018
Besides intimacy. What makes you most comfortable with your significant other or if you had a significant other? Or one of the things that you miss ? Mine is simple I love to be behind and spoon with her and watch a movie ...Sometimes silence is ...
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By HardBlues69 7 45 comments IL Aug 27, 2018
Hard love or a cold hearted bastard? Tomorrow I am going to do one of the hardest things I have faced... Moving my daughters stuff out of my carport, and storage area. She is 30, an adult, but to me she is still my kid. I need the space and codes is ...
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By zorialoki 8 17 comments NM Jan 30
Good morning all... Happy Monday... Any of you ever seen the movie "Cleopatra" with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton?! Wow! Frankie and I were going out Saturday night and the movie came on the television... I never saw it before but I ...
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By Cutiebeauty 9 15 comments NY Feb 18
My favorite scary movie. And I don't like scary movies!
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By Hathacat 8 4 comments IL Sep 24, 2018
Finish This Statement: "I Remember"
By twshield 8 48 comments TX May 17, 2018
anyone see this movie?
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By coralisthree 8 10 comments MN Oct 15, 2018
A man approached the window of a movie theatre with a chicken on his shoulder and asked for two tickets. "Who's the other ticket for?" the ticket girl asked. "For my pet chicken." He said, pointing to the bird. "I'm sorry," the girl tells ...
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By RichieO 7 7 comments Ireland Oct 16, 2018
How many people remember the 83' Stephen King movie "THE DEAD ZONE?" And how many people can see the resemblance of Cadet Bone Spurs to Martin Sheens character "Greg Stillson" the Presidential Candidate?
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By phoenixone1 8 8 comments AL Oct 3, 2018
Are you patient?
By silvereyes 8 66 comments OK Mar 29, 2018
What movie fucked with your head the most?
By IndySent 7 124 comments Norway Feb 13, 2018
This looks like a still from a movie; just a guess. Anyone recognize the picture, or the woman? What do you think the story is, here?
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By stinkeye_a 8 16 comments MT Feb 12
Saw the new Star Wars Solo movie today. I liked it. That's all you get. No spoilers 😜
By ScienceBiker 8 13 comments CA May 26, 2018
What movie title describes your sex life? Cast Away
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By KateZilla 7 64 comments TN Sep 10, 2018
Do you recognize her from tv series and movie
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By bobwjr 7 13 comments DE Jan 28
Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas. Our snow melted but we are supposed to get a few inches tonite! Will you or me have a White Christmas? I confess I like the old Bing Crosby/Danny Kaye classic White Christmas. My favorite movie is "A Christmas Story" ...
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By sassygirl3869 9 21 comments NY Dec 23, 2018
Explained: The Russian effort to help Donald Trump? by Mark Sumner "In 2013, Donald Trump went to Russia. He may, or may not, have had an experience in a Moscow hotel room while he was there. But even if that didn’t happen, something else ...
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By of-the-mountain 8 9 comments TX Dec 28, 2018
[] Peope who cry during movies are the strongest people of all? I always cry during movies-even movies I've seen 100 times like "The Wizard of Oz." How about you?
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By sassygirl3869 9 36 comments NY Feb 20
Who remembers this series from Disney?Although this is a movie, I'm posting it here since it's popularity was during our baby boomer years.
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By Ray13 7 8 comments OH Nov 3, 2018
This is awesome, we need a Great Pumpkin movie.
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By Wahker 6 5 comments Canada Sep 10, 2018
Movie love vs. true love
By ProudMary 8 7 comments WV July 27, 2018
Caroline Munro, Imogen Hassall and Valerie Leon British B Movie sex bombs of the 1970s
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By LenHazell53 8 4 comments UK Mar 16
greatest romance movies all time 1 natural born killers 2 true romance 3 sweeney todd
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By metalhead222 7 5 comments VA Feb 14
This is by far one of my favorite movies. Not sure if it falls under Halloween movies, but it’s based on gasp murder!! Youtube
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By DaphneDarling 7 7 comments MN Oct 11, 2018
How old were you when you first watched porn?
By EmeraldJewel 7 74 comments OK Jan 30, 2018
What movie can you watch over and over?
By Chrissybudleaf 5 101 comments CA Jan 28, 2018
Alzheimer's doesn't sound so bad when I realize I'll be able to watch all my favorite movies for the first time every day.
By Duke 8 22 comments CO June 25, 2018
Time to watch my favorite horror movie! Youtube
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By balou 8 4 comments TX Oct 27, 2018
Fair Warning : Adult content. absolutely NSFW. I had expected my v-day to be sad and lonely. I logged back into OK Cupid and had the most fun I've had on there in ages. First came asshole Allen. Self proclaimed "Dom" who is into polyamory. Which ...
By OpposingOpposum 8 18 comments FL Feb 14, 2018
Just watched a movie on Netflix called The Most Hated Women In America. It's the story Of Madalyn Murray O'Hair. I recommend it :-)
By Cirdan 5 21 comments TX Apr 14, 2018
I caught the following part of a television ad: "He's the son of a New York real estate mogul." "He was violent. He was vindictive." "This is something out of a horror movie." Donald Trump? No. Robert Durst. Scary, isn't it?
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By EllenDale 7 5 comments MI Jan 21
If movies were realistic
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By Closeted 8 4 comments IL Feb 3
There was just a story on the news that says the average cost for a first date is $102, higher in Minnesota. This includes dinner, a bottle of wine, and two movies tickets. Wow.
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By kjsgenie 7 41 comments MN Aug 22, 2018
Watched "The 5th Element" again recently. No end to the fun. Some of my favorite Gary Oldman scenes are in this movie. A great romantic comedy.
By Jacar 7 22 comments MI Mar 28, 2018
Anyone else like the movie LUCY, with Scarlet Johansson and Morgan Freeman? It's one of my favorites. Here's a clip: Youtube
By Condor5 8 19 comments CA June 10, 2018
Thanks to @tnorman1236 for the meme that gave birth to this. Remember When You Wanted What You Have A leaky roof, uneven floors, no bathroom sink. Boards on the porch rot in the rain and sun, well water iron made white towels orange. And ...
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By ProudMary 8 6 comments WV Sep 26, 2018
I just watched 'Dead Pool 1" this weekend!!
By stomato 6 10 comments TN June 10, 2018
So I am driving into town to run a few errands today and I spot this attractive, 30 something woman in one of those stretch tight, form fitting dresses in a bright blue and she is wearing a great set of heels as she is strutting down the street. I ...
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By Surfpirate 8 9 comments Canada Aug 29, 2018
‘Active Measures’ a Movie fully investigates and actually Looks at Links Between Trump and Russia show the pure traitor trump has become out his overtly substantial debt to Russian Oligarchs, and megalomania. What is stopping the FBI and ...
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By of-the-mountain 8 4 comments TX Sep 26, 2018
Why do we all overthink dating?
By CandyWorner 5 26 comments AZ Apr 26, 2018
I'm sitting here in front of my laptop recalling how, in my younger years, I'd have been absolutely mortified to be staying home on a Saturday night. Right at this time of night (8:30 P.M.), I'd have been hopping in the shower, then blow drying my ...
By RobLawrence 7 22 comments DE June 9, 2018
I have to laugh at the absurdity in movies, and TV, where some great catastrophe has been visited on the earth and the few morons left, view it as a test of their faith. "So you believe God destroyed 99% of living things as a test of your faith?" And...
By Maggiemay 6 9 comments OR May 26, 2018
Is anyone else a nerd?
By Sarahroo29 8 43 comments CO Feb 6, 2018
I never know what I will find on my photo-taking is Gamera, the giant Robot Turtle of 60's Japanese scr-fi movie fame, enjoying a fresh salad.......
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By jasen 7 5 comments IL Aug 23, 2018
I've been on an old movie kick, and I love me some Madeline Kahn! Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles are two of my faves....I'm tired!
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By Freespirit64 8 9 comments MO July 31, 2018
As I previously stated, I've written off Mr. Lovey Dovey, although we agreed to remain friends and do sometimes talk on the telephone. Last night he invited me to lunch and a movie today at the halfway point and I said no because I don't want to ...
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By ProudMerrie 7 5 comments WV Feb 16
If you have not seen the movie Quills, about the last days of the Marquis de Sade, imprisoned by the church, and staring Geoffrey Rush, Kate Winslet, Joaquin Phoenix and Michael Caine...put it on your list. It is exceptionally entertaining, ...
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By Taladad 8 10 comments CO Aug 29, 2018
Good morning all! Happy Saturday ! Happy weekend ! Sleep late if you want to, you earned it. I did a little , only half an hour but still haha. This mornings dancing is not mandatory but the coffee still is :) relax and take a nap if needed ;) ...
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By Cutiebeauty 9 10 comments NY Dec 22, 2018
How often do you take yourself out for dinner or a movie? Do you make an effort to treat yourself good?
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By RaulPerez 7 41 comments TX Nov 17, 2018
Let's do outdoor movie night.. its crappy where I am right now and have a very bad case of cabin fever going on. List a couple drive-in movies you have seen at one of these.
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By mistymoon77 9 13 comments MN Feb 1
Tonight I went to a showing of the Beatles movie Hard Days Night. It was so interesting to watch it from my aged perspective. George is dead, John was murdered and life just seemed so much less complicated back then when we had no cares and were ...
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By AmelieMatisse 8 6 comments PA July 30, 2018
My Dear Community, If you have not yet seen the film Mother!, I urge you to, especially as a member here. Please read a synopsis of what the story is about before viewing, as was recommended to me. This movie received poor reviews on the internet ...
By WickedNicki 7 11 comments MA Feb 17, 2018
So, I am watching the 1969 movie "Anne of The Thousand Days"... and at the minute 1:54:30 Henry VIII (Richard Burton) utters "I am a Cuckold?" (Cockold) On reference to the "queen" infidelity rumors that eventually cost her head (regardless of being...
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By GipsyOfNewSpain 8 7 comments NV Sep 18, 2018
Happy 45th Anniversary to BlazingSaddles! Love this movie 🤗
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By Sheannutt 9 6 comments OR Feb 12
Happy birthday to actress Julianne Moore, born Dec. 3, 1960. Some of her movies: Boogie Nights The Big Lebowski Still Alice
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By Ray13 7 4 comments OH Dec 3, 2018
Youtube still thinking of a movie suggestion for today but here;s some Halloweenesque fun.
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By Btbd 7 4 comments AZ Oct 10, 2018
💑 Good morning all... Happy manic Monday... Frankie took the day off today, woohoo! And we already picked up Suzy for a fun day like a family... Momma. Poppa, and baby! 😊 Suzy starts her karate lessons today... Going there at ten ...
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By Cutiebeauty 9 11 comments NY Mar 18
the other night i went out with this guy, and the night started out great. we ended up at his place talking while watching a movie and drinking beer. the sex was great and so was the beer and the conversation, although not super serious, was had ...
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By coralisthree 8 14 comments MN Mar 24
POLL Are they culpable - guilty by association?
By VictoriaNotes 8 24 comments MS Mar 13, 2018
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