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Just in case you ever wondered about the moon landings


ipdg77 8 Feb 12

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Scary how simple and easy to understand we HAD to have landed.


Someone polled the idea earlier. There really shouldn't be a need for such articles. When the Chinese land a manned mission by 2024, I can assure you that they won't have any doubters.


The first time I heard about the moon landing being faked I called my dad. At the time, he was an Organic Chemistry teacher at a University, and I thought he would be able to explain the various (alleged) anomalies. He did. I did find out at that time that my grandfather didn't believe we landed on the moon.

My first husband was not only a moon landing denier, but he was also a flat earther. I have never understood that other than he was a little off. I do know that If I had know he didn't believe in them I would have never married him. I just assumed everyone did.


Why does anyone waste their time on moon landing deniers, flat earthers, anti-vaxxers, 9/11 truthers, or any of the other anti-science movements? People are stupid and a lot of assholes are doing their best to take advantage of that for money, power, and sex.

Bible thumpers are in the same category but they've managed to obtain some measure of legitimacy over time for no good reason I can see.

I agree. It was just nice to see an article with the evidence not the conspiracy theories

I want the flat earthers to go ahead and walk off.


My father in law (or former but will still be my Poppy)..worked for NASA and we fucking landed on the moon.

I know, it's for the pillocks who don't 🙂

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