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"I didn't have to do this, but I wanted to get it done faster."

So, he said, on camera, that there really isn't a "national emergency", but he's declaring one for the sake of expediency, to get what he wants.

That's going to go over well in court.
He publicly admitted he was lying.

This is what is going to get the republicans on board with getting him out of office.
(I hope.)

KKGator 9 Feb 15

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He needs to stay right where he is. At this late date, Pence could easily rally and win in 2020. That's simply unacceptable. (Pence is far more dangerous than Trump.)

Pence has to go, too. Actually, he needs to be dispatched before 45.


Let's hope so.

Gert Level 7 Feb 17, 2019

He is the grand wizard of stupidity.


As ridiculous as Trump looked after that debacle in the rose garden, his followers will still follow him. They really are the dumbest of the dumb. They'd follow him even if he shit himself on camera and started singing row, row, row your boat.

You are correct, sir.

100% correct - they only thing worse for them than having to watch this shit show of an administration is having to admit they made a mistake in voting for him. They would rather die first - which is ok by me but don't take the rest of us down with you, y'know?


Getting Trump out of office won't change anything. Pence will pick up where Trump left off.
Btw, I said the same thing years ago when folks wanted to impeach Obama. Biden would have picked up where Obama left off.

Gotta rid of Pence, too.
As I stated earlier, I think Mueller might actually be the one to do that task.
Pence led the transition team. He's dirty, too.

@KKGator all politicians both Democrat and Republican are dirty crooks.

@RobertMartin Yes, they are. No question.
However, instead of re-litigating the past, I prefer to deal with the matters at hand.
Right now, we have to get rid of 45 and Pence, as soon as humanly possible.


Eh maybe


It's such a terrible emergency that he has to run off to Mar-A-Lago to relieve the stress!

Some "emergency".
He's a tool.


Trump's a fool.
What in tarnation makes ANYBODY think Pence would be better?
(You do realize that Pence is President, if Trump is removed for ANY reason, RIGHT?)

Pence ran the transition team. He's in this thing up to his hypocritical eyeballs. He needs to go, too.
Please don't assume I am unaware of all the moving parts this clusterfuck has.

As long as people keep the Democrat Party...OR the Republican Party in office...nothing will change.
Show your disgust.
Vote 3rd party!

@KevinAverett No 3rd party until after we're rid of 45, and I say that as a registered Independent.

Okay....this "split the vote" is ridiculous!
Why do you insist in voting for a "lesser of 2 evils"?
If they're both fucking TRASH...WHY vote for them?

GEE... ya THINK?
How are we gonna overhaul it..
We won't change ANYTHING if we keep giving them power!

Google it!

@slydr68 success comes in cans, not in can't s.


I would hope so too but I'm not counting on it. Hopefully his tax bill hurt enough of his base so we can vote his ass out. Then maybe the state of New York will charge him.

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