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I am quite political and I used to wonder how Germany in the thirties happened. I am watching it now. I truly try not to hate, as I am a practicing Buddhist, but sometimes I must admit I am a work in progress. As much as I dislike Trump, I am more angry at Republicans in Congress who allow him. I remember in Dante's Inferno when "the visitor" asks, if all these horrible people are in level six of hell, who is in level seven, the lowest and the guide answers him, "Those who saw the evil and did nothing."

giulietta517 3 Feb 17

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I would really like to know your objections to Trump - aside from his personal lifie and his personality and his stupid tweeting and cutesy names for his enemies. I am not Mensa, but from what I can understand, I think that he is "TRYING" and in some cases, doing a great job for this country. I can't even thik of (I could look them up) all of the things that he is doing and trying to do (but the Dems don't help).. He is doing what other presidents have only talked about doing! You need to stop reading your NYT "exclusively, and start adding other papers or news out lets to get the other or "REST OF THE STORY", Where is Paul Harvey?!? 92% of "journalists" are Liberals. Do you seriously think that you are getting a "fair and balanced" version of the news. Where are the News casters who "just" "reported: the news and didn't comment" on it. Huntley/Brinkley, Walter Kronkite, etc.??? Wake up and smell the roses, my dear. There are always at least two sides to every story and you are only getting ONE!

I generally agree with you about Trump. My only complaint is with his foreign policy in the Middle East. He puts MIG (Make Israel Great) before MAGA. The problem with the Democratic Party is that it abandoned working-class white voters. Trump has embraced them, and he is working hard to bring back manufacturing and restoring our industrial base. We cannot remain a global power without a strong industrial base. The Democratic Party sold out to Wall Street. It panders to the top ten percent, the liberal white elites, and uses racial politics to attract non-white voters. This is the road to economic collapse and civil war.

Wow, just wow! I'm sure i am the product of liberal media, be it NBC, CBS, ABC, WP, NYT CNN or NPR. Don't you find it suspicious that only one network, FOX spews the 'news' as you wish to see it? So 92% are wrong and 8% is right? Please inform me as to what good deeds the President has accomplished and how they are benefiting you....


I am fascinated with the collapse of the Weimar Republic. I even studied it in school. I would love to correspond on that subject.

Either the communists were going to take over Germany or the Nazis were. Take your pick.

The collapse of Weimar America that is rapidly coming will be far more violent and chaotic than the collapse of Weimar Germany. Focus on what is coming here rather than what happened a hundred years ago in Germany.

Dammit Skeptic99; don't you know that political incorrectness gets you into trouble with the thought police ?


"Those who saw evil and did nothing" , "Those who saw evil and did nothing" , "Those who saw evil and did nothing" ,
Just emphasising.

Germany 1932 and on : When I was only 4 years old my father sat me , with him , in front of the Radio to listen to Konrad Adenauer make his speech of application for Germany to Join the United Nations. I didn;t understand these words, but I heard them;
" We gave our government away to criminals and we PROMISE that we won't do it again. "


Austerity is a bad ideal. That what leads to Drumpf.

Don't worry, Drumpf is a 2 term President. The democrats will shoot themselves in the foot by nominating Kamilia Harris.


Winston Churchhill had a series of novels about what happened before what happened before WWII, during, then post. I have never read, but a doctor recommended the series to me. I think it's like 8 novels.

Churchill played a significant role in starting WW I and he signle-handedly started WW II. Britain, along with the US, saw Germany as a rising industrial power that would challenge the Anglo-American alliance. The Brits and the US fought two world wars and destroyed most of Europe our of a sense of greed and paranoia.


This is an excellent book on the subject. The Burden of Guilt: A Short History of Germany, 1914-1945 Hannah Vogt []

THHA Level 7 Feb 17, 2019

They are brainwashed of an imaginary threat. They make claims of all of these drugs coming across the border. If there wasn’t a market, there would be no need for them to come. America needs to look at its own failings and stop blaming other countries and other people or think building a wall will change anything. All these American druggies will climb over a skyscraper to get thier drugs.

Yes, I completely agree. Although we need to TRY to stop the drugs from coming in, if we stopped the DEMAND, there would be no need for the SUPPLY! BUT - how are you going to stop Americans from wanting their drugs? I am ok with road blocks ...testing for drugs and alcohol.... but without going into peoples' homes, how are you going to do it? I can only think that road blocks and drug testing at work will CUT DOWN the use, but there is so much money made by bring the drugs in to our country, that it's work the risks. Watch "NARCOS" on Netflix.. Look at Silicon Valley & Hollywood. I had read recently that those are two of the biggest drug using areas of the country If you could shut down the demand, we would certainly shut down, at least some of the the supply. or not!?! Hmmmm... that might cause prices to go down and then people who couldnt afford them before, could now buy them! It's a vicious circle!

@FUNandFAITHFUL this wasn’t posted in this thread. This was originally posted in a conversation about the proposed border wall and drugs.
However, we will never get rid of illicit drugs completely.
What we do know is that 90% of drugs come through ports of entry. This is where the focus should be. Improving technology, more dog sniffing dogs and more staff. This must partner with getting the docs to stop prescribing this crap. Make them jump through so many hoops to prescribe it that it’s not worth their time.
The drug lobby is an issue, Citizens United has been working on this for years.

The states with the largest opioid deaths are states that have taken financial hits due to automation and a dying coal industry and most are red states.


The USA in 2019 is nothing like Germany in the 1930's.

BD66 Level 8 Feb 17, 2019

how about 1929?

@callmedubious This paragraph describes Germany in 1929. Does it sound like the USA today?

The effects this unemployment had on German society were devastating. While there were few shortages of food, millions found themselves without the means to obtain it. The children suffered worst, thousands dying from malnutrition and hunger-related diseases. Millions of industrial workers – who in 1928 had become the best-paid blue-collar workers in Europe – spent a year or more in idleness. But the Great Depression affected all classes in Germany, not just the factory workers. Unemployment was high among white-collar workers and the professional classes. A Chicago news correspondent in Berlin reported that “60 per cent of each new university graduating class was out of work”. British novelist Christopher Isherwood, who lived in Berlin during the worst of the depression, described its scenes:

@BD66 ,
i didn't mean to compare actual dates. but in 1929 everything was booming in the US. then the stock mkt crashed & we know what came next.

@callmedubious If the stock market crashes, we hit 25% unemployment, and a large number of people are starving, then the conditions are in place for someone like Hitler, Mussolini, or Franco to cease power, but right now the economy is booming, we have 3.7% unemployment, and a large number of people are morbidly obese. We have a President who wakes up early in the morning to put out silly tweets, that does not in any way lead us to believe we will follow down this path:


@BD66 ,
so the only real difference between now & 1929, in the US, before the crash is the number of morbidly obese people. there were well known economists back then that that said the good times would go on indefinitely. just like today.
i wouldn't believe everything you read about politics & the wars. history is always written by the victor.

@Veteran229 The Fed was created to dampen economic cycles. Instead it is creating economic cycles:

@BD66 ,
actually it has been suppressing economic/business cycles for decades. thus the false prosperity & 1000s of zombie companies that can only exist with artificially low int rates.

@callmedubious "artifically low" will be the new norm now that we have $22,000,000,000,000 in debt. If they drive the rates back up to 5%, we're looking at $1,100,000,000,000 in interest payments alone.

It's 1932

@pgrobinson ,
you might be right. but then i look at japan.

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