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I am greatly encouraged by the absolute disdain with which European leaders treated Trump (in absentia) and his entire delegation at the Munich conference. . They are firming up the resolve to tell Trump -- in words and deeds to "straighten up and fly right or get lost, turkey." Wouldn't it be great if our spineless Republicans would do the same?

wordywalt 8 Feb 17

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never happen..not until the crash & burn. or the chinese & other asians are rich enough to buy all the mercs & beemers they need to export.


Why have negotiations and treaties with a country that is known to break them (and it's not just Trump, he's just in your face with no sly diplomacy).


Trump is for America first. He told Europe to foot their part for defense. Now they’re mad at him because they’re like spoiled rotten kids who have had their allowance cut off. We don’t owe Europe anything. So what in the hell are you babbling about??

Trump is a babbling idiot who has ZERO understanding of either international relations or national defense. He really does not give a damn about us or our country -- only his sociopathic ego and his pocketbook. Your defense of him is nothing short of sheer will ful ignorance and stupidity..

I posted a poll which indicates that most Europeans would be happy for the Yanks to fuck off home. Same Japan, same Sth Korea.
America's worse nightmare is the Russian Federation joining the EU, because then they wouldn't be the biggest bully anymore and no more NATO could be used to bomb countries outside of NATO, like Libya and Syria.


European leaders don't like Trump because Trump is fighting for America - duh.

gater Level 7 Feb 17, 2019

@Maindawg No you're wrong - its just like I said. They don't like the trade deals, tariffs, and they don't like paying their share of Nato. Our past presidents were pussys - Trump is a genius, who gives a fuck if they like us.

He is NOT fighting for America. He is destroying our country in collusion with Russian oligarchs and destroying our relationship0s with other nations around the world. .

@wordywalt Oh please - you watch too much CNN.

@gater No. turkey. I served in the US Army in West Berlin at the height of the Cold War. I understood then and understand now that our protection of Europe was even more in our interest than in those of the European nations themselves: If we had allowed Russia to take over Europe after World War II, it would have made Russia such a juggernaught that it would have been almost impossible to contain and stop them. Russia still wantw to threaten Europe today, and would do so if it were not for our commitment of money and troops..

I also studied international relations in graduate school and was offered a fellowship with the second ranked specialist in the area.

I speak from knowledge and experience. What in the hell asre you talking from?

@wordywalt I think you are delusional about Russia, Trump has been tough on them with sanctions.
Trump wants to get out of that part of the world, as we should.

@gater Your willful ignorance is both astounding and dangerous.

@gater Oh, I am delusional about Russia? You seem totally ignorant of the facts that (1)Kruschev threatened to start WW III if we did not get out of Berlin by June or 1959 (but decided not to when we and NATO stood up to him, and after we had the entire Atlantic fleet waiting just off the European Coast, (2) that Kruschev again threaten war in 1960, (3) Russia swept through Eastern Europe in 1945 through 1948, established communist puppet governments in those countries, and placed Russian troops in those countries without the consent of the people, (4)
the Russians installed offensive missiles in Cuba in 1962 to threaten us, (5) under Putin, Russia has attacked Georgia and the Ukraine and annexed territory from those countries( 6) Russia is again threatening the Baltic countries and other East European nations, (6)Russia in attempting to interfere with our internal affairs , 7 (Russia is interfering in Syria and Iran use to see how much chaos they can create for the West.. And you say that Russia is not a problem? Either you are a Russian troll or a damned fool.


Call your "representatives"!
Donate to the ACLU or similar!

I fully intend to vote for Trump and all Republican canadates. As a cattleman you’d have to be a fool to vote for the democrats.

@Trajan61 so, you base your vote on one thing, that helps You economically, but screws the rest of us. Yup, definitely a repug.......

@AnneWimsey The Democrats don’t do well in rural communities in general. No I’m not going to vote for someone who is a threat to my livihood.


Interesting how they brought up McCain. It’s the last time the saw a republican that wasn’t a yellow bellied liar. Naturally herr trumpski got snubbed during pitiful Pence’s speech.


Drumpf and the Republifucks are too tone deaf to hear it.

The Republicans hear it, but are too araid of their truly base base to act on it. They are more interested in holding office than in serving our country.


Apparently some are trying to do so...

Hopefully more of them will decide that serving our country and people is more important than anything else.

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