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signs that the french yellow vest demonstrators were holding really nailed what is the main cause of the decline of the working classes in the developed & other economies:
the people making 150000/yr need to convince the people making 80000/yr that it's OK & the natural order of things for people to subsist on 30000/yr.
of course this is all orchestrated behind the scenes by the propaganda organs owned by elites/oligarchs.

callmedubious 8 Feb 18

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The anger is misplaced. The main problem for people making $30000/yr are the billions of people making less than $30000/yr would would be incredibly happy to have that $30000/yr job.

BD66 Level 8 Feb 18, 2019

so meanwhile 30% your fellow americans should be thankful to be scraping by right at the poverty level?
you're a perfect example of why your country is totally fucked up & has allowed the elites to get away with their greedy wealth/income inequality policies for so long.

@callmedubious I'm talking about reality. The blue collar workers of the USA should have been up in arms for 40 years about our extremely expensive effort to "win" the Cold War. The blue collar boys who were drafted to fight in Korea and Vietnam should have been fighting to keep Korea and Vietnam communist while the boys from Korea and Vietnam should have been fighting to make Korea and Vietnam capitalist. When we "won" the cold war we allowed workers throughout the rest or the world to compete with us on a relatively equal footing. That engineer who make $150K/year is competing against Indian engineers who work for $30K per year. The programmers who make $80K/year are competing against Indian programmers who make $20K per year, and the customer support staff who make $30K per year are competing against Indian customer support staff who make $10K per year.

@BD66 ,
i agree but don't believe that the income disparity should be so drastic.
US GDP is 70% consumer spending. if a significant % of the population need every dime for food & rent, although too many try to artificially keep their standard of living higher with plastic, which ends badly, then the whole false prosperity economy will crash. bound to happen anyway i suppose.


It can be argued that there disparity in income is not only natural, but necessary for society to thrive. Friction appears when there is a disparity in happiness and fairness between the haves and have-nots. Once this hits an unacceptable level all that is needed to light the fire of revolution is a spark.
The rich must be prepared to give up some of their excess spoils to prevent the violent removal of all of their treasures.


These are the same people whose incomes have risen 10 fold but would deny people in the USA $15.00 and those who would include tips as part of their salary.


Are you talking Euros?

i roughly translated it to $$$.

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