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Who knows the famous person that is in this advertisers photo?

By azzow28
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I learned the girl modeling for the add you posted was Cheri Brand Irwin, daughter of Joyce Ballantyne Brand, the woman who created the drawing for this Coppertone suntan lotion. Joyce died in 2006 at the age of eighty eight. Her daughter was the model for that ad, she was three years old at the time. She wasn't famous but then became one as "the girl with the most famous bottom"...


Drew Barrymore

A clue could be, Her lamb was silenced.

@azzow2 Oh, Jodie Foster.

She wasn't born yet!


I was thinking Sally Struthers.

A clue could be fly little Starling.


Jodie Foster was one of them.

The way I know the answer is my kid's aunt works backstage in Hollywood she had first-hand knowledge.

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