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Snow in Las Vegas! ? I took this picture last night. It's still coming down too.

tinebean 7 Feb 21

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What's it

IBRAR Level 1 Feb 22, 2019

Nice photo capture there.

Thanks! Not too bad for a crappy cell phone pic






Wow! How often does it snow in the desert?

balou Level 8 Feb 21, 2019

Once is too often apparently. ?

I'm told the last time it snowed here was in 2008


Fake news! All is well! MAGA!!!


“Global Warming is not real.”

Lol. You had to get me started, didn't you?

Actually, global warming increases the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, making snow incidents more likely. Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe does a series of videos on climate change. 😀

It was sarcasm, guys.

@MissKathleen , I know. That's what gets me started. I had to join in.

@MissKathleen I know. I mainly replied to inform other folks, and to plug the series. 😛


makes me glad I didn't go out there this week.


Thanks for this...I've been afraid to look outside!

It's icky out there! ❄⛄

@tinebean looks like a little snow flurry to me. ?

@Science-guy but it's a blizzard as far as we're concerned!

@Science-guy for us it's a huge deal ?

@tinebean I know. I am just teasing y’all. Lol. Note the American language usage. ?

@Science-guy oh I know! I just moved here and it's hilarious to me too how novel this is


Welcome to the desert 😀. Egypt got to freezing at night as well. Sand is a poor insulator.

I thought moving to the desert would alleviate dealing with this crap! LoL apparently not ?

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