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No stupid questions? Hmmm... ?

BeeHappy 9 Feb 22

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I wonder how many slaps it would take to slap the fool out of Ol'Orange?

Infinity and Beyond!!


Gee I thought that everyone knew that already.


I knew that

Lol, probably you knew that as well as I did. Not! ?


If this sounds utterly ridiculous, there's this:


JimG Level 8 Feb 22, 2019

I knew dat.

We knew you knew dat! ?


I once had a professor at university who had a wonderfully dark sense of humor. When a student would preface a question by saying β€œThis may be a stupid question, but ...,” he would jump in and say, always in an encouraging, comforting tone of voice: β€œNow remember, there are no stupid questions. Only stupid people.” Gosh, I loved his classes!

That's the best kind of professor to have!

@BeeHappy I’ve been lucky to have had some really memorable teachers over the years!

@The-Krzyz That's wonderful!

@BeeHappy Sadly, none of them were chicken slappers.

@The-Krzyz ???

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