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evidentialist 8 Feb 24

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The next step on electric cars needs to be fast charging or even exchangeable batery (or at least part of it. So you just put a part to recharge and change a block so you could have in some minutes enough battery to continue.
But for urban use and work commuting, they are ideal.

Charging rates are getting better. The hydrogen fuel cell is also interesting.

@evidentialist H2 cells are very good technology, but we have no material that can store H2 or resist its corrosion.
And for the fuel cell, we do not have enough platinium in the world to build enough cars XD

@Pedrohbds -- My main and most urgent interest in these vehicles is for urban use where most of our carbon based fuels are wasted.


As much as like the idea of an ecologically sound vehicle, when the time came for me to research and purchase my newest vehicle, I just could not go with an electric car. I had considered one of the Tesla models (I really like them), but just could not get past the need to recharge every few hundred miles. Generally if I am traveling more than around town or a few hours' drive away, I will take my truck and travel trailer. And that is another situation for which an electric vehicle would not work: I don't know of any electric truck that could haul several tons of rolling house for many hundreds of miles.

My new car won't end up with a lot of miles, but I try to pack a lot of stops into one trip for running errands. As it should give me more than 20mpg, I feel that I've made a fairly good choice. If I had stayed with only one vehicle, it would've been with my luxurious and comfortable GMC truck - but that gets only 12-14 mpg around town, yikes! As the electric or alternative fuel vehicles continue to improve, perhaps I will have more ecologically sound choices when I am ready for my next towing vehicle!


I need a car that goes slowly enough that I don't get any more tickets

Before modern cars that can warn you, I installed an app on my phone that gives a signal when I was over speed limit, it worked with gps and speed limits database.
Now you can have it on a smart watch or on car panel itself


I hope the price of good quality EV's comes down fast enough so that I never need to buy another gasoline-fueled vehicle. I don't need to go 0-60 in 4 seconds or drive at 200 mph. I don't know who those cars in the video are supposed to be for.

Only a few in the video were speed/luxury oriented. I was particularly pleased with Honda's entry in the practical EV market.

@evidentialist I guess I didn't get that far. The ones I saw were all super-luxury or super-high-powered toys for rich guys. They're going to have to come in around $30-40k for me to justify it.

@jerry99 -- There are several in that category about to hit the market. Most have been released in Europe already.

It's crazy that they're reducing the subsidy for EV's and renewable energy but still giving oil companies $10 billion a year []

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