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a question re global warming/climate change.
if the polar ice caps melt will that result in the ocean levels rising & flooding in coastal cities?

callmedubious 8 Feb 24

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Bear in mind , It is not just rising sea levels that is a concern, a lot of more of the remaining land will become desert, loss of habitats as environments change faster than nature can keep up with. Rain Forests being destroyed to create more temporary farm land which turns into more sterile land......the list is endless of the ways we are destroying nature. It's okay though, you and I won't see it happen but our grandchildren will.
I'm alright Jack 😟


Hottest day on records in UK today 20C+ in several places. This is not good as it effects the eco-system, already seeing lambs around.

weren't the temps below normal before these above normal temps? isn't that how we get avg temps.

@callmedubious No its been a clement winter.

@callmedubious Yes, but the average temperature is going up each decade 😟

@Amisja ,
i may be mistaken but i thought i read that most of central europe had a very cold winter.
i guess you escaped it.

@callmedubious UK has been warm. UK is Northern EU

@Amisja ,
when i was there it was extreme NW EU.
maybe it's moved a little b/c of continental drift.

@callmedubious Nope...thats Iceland

@Amisja ,
OK, you got me.?


Five tiny Pacific islands have disappeared due to rising seas and erosion, a discovery thought to be the first scientific confirmation of the impact of climate change on coastlines in the Pacific, according to Australian researchers.

But six other islands had large swaths of land washed into the sea and on two of those, entire villages were destroyed and people forced to relocate, the researchers found.


rising seas & erosion--hasn't erosion been going on forever?


my answer is no.


With global warming/climate change, the effects will be complex, it would be difficult to predict exactly what will happen. It could be catastrophic (likely) or, we might, might, maybe get lucky (unlikely). My question is, is it worth the gamble?


It the Gulf rises by 200 feet I’ll own waterfront property. Maybe it’ll stop rising at that level.


During the last Ice Age, sea levels dropped by 300 ft., all around the World. It is not unreasonable to see them rise by that much, in the event of the Polar Ice Caps melting. What would that look like? It is estimated that during the last Ice Age, one could have walked 70 miles east of the Statue of Liberty, before reaching the sea. Now, picture having to swim 70 miles west of the same spot, before reaching dry land!

@skado I still do and live less than 5 miles from the ocean.

Currently evaluating the optimal time to sell lol


You can easily see how this will look by Googling maps of former geologic much warmer eras in which that actually happened, determined by analysis of sediments, etc.


Polar ice caps melting will make almost no difference because the weight of the ice caps is already displacing water. What would make a difference is the ice/snow on Greenland and Antarctica melting because the weight of that ice is being supported by dry land.

BD66 Level 8 Feb 25, 2019

the problem with that theory is that if the polar ice caps melt more open water will evaporate causing more snow to fall which is what caused the glaciers to begin with.

@callmedubious The problem with that theory is Brewster's angle. Light that hits the Earth above the arctic circle gets reflected out into space, and the heat is not absorbed.


@BD66 ,
there's always a different angle.


Yes and a number of scientists predict a mini dryas prior to this as the overall sea temps briefly cool. This may see us off before any subsequent warming.


When i was in school it was global cooling and the comming new ice age


Don't forget, as the ocean temperatures increase, the water will expand causing the levels to rise.

Uh...not much. Actually ice, when it melts, is reduced in volume.

@AgnoBill When floating ice melts, the water level doesn't change at all.

@powder But none of this has anything to do with seawater expansion caused by increasing ocean temperature


Of course. This is already happening. Glaciers and polar ice are melting worldwide. Coastal cities and islands are flooding.


Yes. It will and, it is occurring as we communicate.

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