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Usual sister rant for the night. Notice the distinct lack of reply...?

Kattywampus69 8 Feb 26

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She was really a terrible person. She believed patients needed to suffer as Jesus did


"I have altered the deal, pray I do not alter it further"


Didn't the original mother Theresa, the Romanian dwarf, become a saint ?. All these Theresas, it's getting very confusing.

@Kattywampus69 Well obviously someone did to post the original text message

@Kattywampus69 thoughts and prayers to you '😉


Is somebody talking to themselves here?

@Kattywampus69 I can't say I blame you!


She might have been a wonderful person, but I don't believe in any miraculous healing, unless it was depression, uncertainty, etc. The Catholic Church needs more canonizations and saints to cover the bad rap of the latest embarrassments.


You have my sympathy. I have a fundie brother.


Pretzel logic....


Are you fucking kidding me.

@Kattywampus69 You're asking me to believe In who?

@Kattywampus69 so, your suggestion is that I blindly follow?

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