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I had a Tupperware party on line it was so fun. Has any body else done this new kind of party?

NoahBuiltDeArk 4 Feb 27

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I have two problems with Tupperware. First is that it is plastic. Second is it lasts forever. I accumulated loads of Tupperware in my life, had many parties and went to many parties. Then I found out what toxins are in plastic and I have gotten rid of most of my plastic by donating to Goodwill and other places, and now use primarily glass. I do have to say that doing it online would be a heck of a lot easier than cleaning house and making treats.

@NoahBuiltDeArk NOW they do that! 😉 Now that I am downsizing my kitchen.


Feckin hell! Tupperware is still a thing?


Is that done through a live stream? I have a niece who does this with LuLaRoe. She includes her 2 boys who are adorable. (Ok only sometimes).

@NoahBuiltDeArk Oh trying to sell terrifies me! My sister did AMWAY in the 80's - scarred me for life. I was curious how selling Tupperware was being done though! (And we are friends on FB!). I'll have to go look at your page.

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