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The charter school movement that Republicans keep pushing has been a disaster for public schools, most of the children involved in such schools, and for our country. It has drained huge amounts of money from public schools, mostly failed to even consider the huge body of available research information on effective schools and effective teaching -- much less use that information, and often become a corrupt enterprise. In general, for=profit charter schools are an abomination that put profit ahead of student learning and often siphon money away illegally. Many such organizations have been so bad that more than a few have been banned by states across the country, and a number have been criminally prosecuted.
Research data have shown NO increase in student learning in most charter schools. It seems that Republicans are intent on making our schools more and more ineffective and on dumbing down America so that people are easier to manipulate and control.

By wordywalt8
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The religious right only wants to subsidize their religious schools. And Republicans in general want to break the teachers unions.

Only through public education do we have a chance at being the "melting pot" that we tout ourselves to be.

dfross Level 4 Mar 2, 2019

Teaching the way government works, and why/how this government arises from the Constitution & Bill of Rights is IMO paramount, and these schools do not do this!


This is not a surprise. It is a shame, a disaster, and a foregone conclusion, but sadly not a surprise.

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