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PSA for those who have painful periods (and those who care about them).

Some very basic information.


RavenCT 9 Mar 3

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Thanks for this post.


Makes me so happy to be past allllll that.

I’ve had peri menopause for close to ten years now. Someday I’ll get on the other side of it. Kind of like trying to reach Level 8 here, except sweatier and with more mood changes.

@Sydland The hot flashes don't end just because your periods do. 10 years later I still have hot flashes. Not as often, but several per year.


I actually don’t mind it. It’s like a full body cleanse.
My uterus and intestines are all working together.

Mine included a bucket for my head - because I'd have these epic migraines as well.

It was incredible. I'm just glad I lived in a house with two bathrooms or everyone would have suffered! lol

@RavenCT Ohhh. Migraines are the worst.
I’m very allergic to gluten, and when I’ve been glutened, I have a migraine and cramping for almost a week.
Projectile vomiting is not glamorous.

@Sydland No it is not!

I still possess my giant orange bucket that hospitals used to give out to patients - that bugger is useful if you're that level of sick! (Plus that orange is inspirational).

I seldom get migraines at that level now - for which I'm very grateful.


Starts singing "killing me softly". How does this person kniw my life, lol.?

It was a great compilation of all the possible symptoms in one place.

Hopefully any undiagnosed ladies walking around will see the words Endometriosis and IBS that were linked in there too.

Who the heck knew it was a cluster of symptoms linked to one thing?


Very glad to be past menopause!

Very glad there was surgery for what ailed me (Endo and Adenomyosis). I'd be dead otherwise.

Neither were particularly conducive to life. 😉

@RavenCT Much better for you.

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