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Can cannibis cure cancer, yes or no?.

I think cancer chemotherapy, radiation and surgery is often a scam.

What do you think?

Castlepaloma 7 Mar 4

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I don't trust in God and don't trust in Presidents except Jimmy Carter and JFK.

I trust in the this message, just not the person representing it.


Dr. Oz says, in 20 of the States that have legalized medical marijuana. The overdose on drugs in general has reduced by 25%. Dr. Oz calls cannabis is the meracle drug, he got hell for that in court from the FDA.

Oncology doctors who spoke out on YouTube. Said chemotherapy fails 90% to 97% of the time. Often cancer comes back more immuned than before. Must be the great money kickbacks.

I am in agreement with you about the Cancer treatments as I lost my husband this past June due to the side effects of the chemo and radiation that killed his cancer. The sad thing is that those treatments also eventually killed him. We were not told that the radiation keeps on destroying the body even after you stop the treatment. The last few years of my husbands life after finishing the chemo and radiation were pure hell for him as we watched his body continue to be destroyed by the treatments. I am in another group on the site called Liquid Sunshine, which gives information about natural alternatives to health. The lady who started the group and I both use essential oils for our health. Dani has an amazing story of Traumatic brain injury and how essential oils helped bring her back. Please come and visit our group and contribute your thoughts there.


Good to know I'm not alone. Starting to feel like the time machine movie, where nobody wants to listen to the traveler about the morlocks horrorable story of eating them.

@Castlepaloma I'm finding that as open minded as a lot of atheists are there are still people who won't open their minds to something different than they were taught growing up. So many Americans know nothing but our Western medicine and what the drug companies throw at us. I get that it's not what we've been taught all our lives but I hope more people will open their minds to other forms of prevention and health care. Thanks for responding and I hope to see you visit our Group, Liquid Sunshine.


I know the truth hurts a little, ultimately we are better for it. The top wealthiest billionaires own as much wealth as half of the human race. When you don't have your health, you have nothing. Make your health everything, stop making the wealthiest richier. Chemotherapy and radiation mostly does not work, except adds to the greedy bastards wealth. Meanwail our life expectancy lowers for the first time in modern history.


Testimonials cancer cures from cannabis.

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I think most of the healthcare industry in the U.S. is a scam!


There is no cure for Cancer. Cancer can be sent into remission with certain therapies, non of which are cannabis.
Cancers vary greatly and each require a customized plan that could include any/all chemo, radiation,surgery, Immunotherapy and others.
There are a few studies in progress on this issue but right now cannabis is for symptom management.

Yes, cancer is normal, it's a matter of accepting posions and radiation as better than natural methods for control. When I say cure for cancer, I mean controling the illness of our bodies. We don't get out of life alive. From my experience I know natural methods are much better as I am happy and healthy for it.

If half of the people are telling the truth about cannabis and half are lying about it. The truth will win overall, like the lies and delusions of reefer madness.

@Castlepaloma if your theory is correct, cannabis users would never get cancer at all.
Everyone has thier right to make decisions regarding healthcare choices for whatever reason. My father had renal cancer that he elected not to treat in Winnipeg. We respected his wishes.. naturally he died. Had he used Cannabis, he still would have died.
I have seen many people do very well on conventional therapies and sadly a few that weren’t so fortunate.
If there’s something available to me that will prolong my life without adversely effecting quality in the long run.. I’m all over it.
That being said, I couldn’t imagine turning away from treatment to move to cannabis as a first line unproven treatment.
If nothing else works and I’m in hospice, I might consider it.


I never said cannabis is the cure all for all cancers. Just the best natural method overall and it is not a theory. God is a theory, there is only one God, it is called the Government, in which 80% of people don't like. No man has the right to outlaw any plant.

I allowed the Government to destroy Canada"s largest eco village and my self sustainable natural lifestyle. The hell with Government crossing my line to destory my natural health. We have already allowed them to create the greatest threat to humanity, this synthetic polluted environment. Why would anyone work for and trust them. Unless you love poisons and live next to a nuclear radiation plant.

Many people would choose death over Chemo, for all it side effects like pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, ammume system, hair and worst of all, death.

Try intica cannibis oil, and 26 types of killing cancer vegetables, B-17. I grow within microgreens at $25 a pound that is much more nutritious than larger vegetables. Just a 5 tier shelves with low lightning 4x7 ft tall. Amoung the 25 trays, at a pound of food a tray. I get two harvest a week, enough for a family. All 100 % natural from seed to harvest.

Or trust billionaire and their minions with your very life. I say, let them screw themselves before they screw you. Meanwhile you give them nearly half your money. Talk about the ultimate insanity.

At least religion has laws about killing and stealing, wail Governments give out licences for that.


When my father had colon cancer, I illegally mailed him marijuana. His father flew from Florida, staying with my parents in Michigan to run the insurance agency while Dad was sick.

"I feel like our roles are reversed," Dad laughed. "When I heard your grandpa come in the door, I opened a window, waving a magazine to get rid of the marijuana smoke."

As a professional jazz musician, Dad smoked marijuana in the 1950's and 1960's.

Dad died six months after being diagnosed of cancer. Marijuana only eased his nausea.


Sorry guys, I don't concur.

How is chemotherapy posions, radiation related to a nuke plant and dangerous surgery compare to the cannibis medical plant of little or no side effects? Cannibis shown positive proof and used for 5 thousands years, as it's actually the most important plant in the world history. Your US injustice system has locked up or gone to court millions of decent US citizens each year. Yet most of you here, still trust these phytopaths as they schedule cannibis one, as meaning, no useful purpose and most dangerous.

I personally use cannibis for hypertension in sleep and heart problems. Plus my girlfriend uses it for her brain cancer as it works perfectly. Rick Simpson and many ophthal doctors on YouTube have hundreds of personal testimonies of cancer cures. I'm sure reefer madness people have died off from the number one cause of death in the world. Medical industry and Pharmaceutical Companies. Not from the Public Enemies number one, cannabis.

Trust your mainstream media and highest profit pharmaceutical companies, as far as I care. I trust my main food source of microgreens and high THC entica cannibis oil. Grown on my balcony and home, and it's all legal in Canada. Cheaper than feeding those greedy bastards who don't even care if you live or die. They are winning record profits and the UN mandate of 2 billion population on earth. I believe in reducing the world population, let start with these phytopaths wealthy synthetic, politicans and lawyers.


Why do you think chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are “often scams”? I think you need to explain why you believe this. As far as cannabis is concerned......I know of no evidence that it cures you know of any?

exactly what I was going to say


Most here would rather believe their president Trump telling them that cannibis has no proven medical purpose, even if they have to contradict themselves with most of his lies. President at best only reach 25% of their promises.

I have never broken a promise in my life. Cannibis has better proof by percentage and risk than chemo, radiation and surgery for cancer. These lies of their golden stardard will be found out, like their 85 years of lies on the war on marrijanna. Even marrijanna is a made up, fake word.

@Castlepaloma First point is that we are not all Americans here, Trump is not my president, his lies have no impact on whether I believe anything or not. You have not answered any of my points, and I do not care what cannabis/marajuana is called, it’s not really relevant. What you are suggesting is dangerous, if you even persuade one person to ignore the advice of their doctors to have the treatment that they recommend in favour of the pseudo scientific cannabis treatment that you suggest. Unless you are medically qualified to diagnose and treat patients with cancer, you should keep your ideas to yourself.


American leads this war on cannibis around the world, your UK accepted this insanity, not Canada.

On the contrary, posion chemo, radiation and surgery is very dangerous. If you and people want to do this to themselves, your free to do so, along with your choices of colored jellybeans. I trust myself first and have first hand experience and circle of relationships who have been cancer cured. I don't need a doctor, unless for a medical emergency like a car crash or heart attack. For I am my own best doctor in the world. Stupidity is the leading cause of death in my book. If you trust the factual leading cause of death in the world, of the medical mainstream and pharmaceutica companies, your welcome to your delusions.


As soon as someone says 'a cure for cancer', you know it's bullshit.
It makes as much sense as saying 'a cure for virus'.
There are hundreds of different types of cancer, that effect different cell types in different locations, with different treatments and prognoses for treatment effectiveness.
Anyone who touts one miracle treatment for a wide range of cancers is trying to sell snake oil.

THC acts on the cannabinoid receptors, of which there are two types, CB1 and CB2. Both receptors are made such that THC can attach itself to them. In the brain this causes the intoxicating effect of hashish, cannabis and marijuana. For two decades it has been known that the human body also produces its own cannabinoids. Like THC they can attach themselves to the receptors. By contrast, CB2 regulates the growth of bones. According to these most recent results, endocannabinoids also seem to play an important part in regulating inflammation processes.

There are genetically modified strains of mice in which both cannabinoid receptors are dysfunctional.‘ And it was in precisely these strains that the inflammation occurred as in humans also.

Where is chemo and radiation natural? We have outlawed the natural, that is insane. I thought atheist and agnostics were the greatest on science. Seems like anyone's can be bought out by the greedy synthetics.

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